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Whoa there, magna.

Now I'm not about to give up my gasoline-powered combustion engine anytime soon, but it's pretty tough to say that "we have plenty of oil." Sure, there's lots out there, but the only way we can economically get it is to have oil prices stay high. We're damn near out of $50/barrel oil. But because oil has been stabilizing near $60/barrel, suddenly it is profitable to go get some that otherwise doesn't make sense to go get.

I'm no political expert, so I can't say what is going on with that stuff. But from work experiences, it's pretty easy to say that, if we want to keep using oil, it'll have to stay expensive(ish).
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needs more 500whp.
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Originally Posted by magnamx-5 View Post
Helacius numbers man even on an inferior fuel source
It's not really inferior, rather it requires more fuel burned to produce a given amount of BTU's. It however is not inferior, just as gasoline is not inferior to nitromethane. It's different, it's more weight carried per HP generated, but it also has superior knock resistance and greater power total output overall when compared to 93 octane gasoline.

Inferior hardly
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Originally Posted by AndyFloyd View Post
needs more 500whp.
i agree completely.
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tree huggers dont like ethanol anyway. many sources say it requires more energy to create it than it contains.

more importantly though, it is funded through bogus corn subsidies. your tax dollars basically go to "corn farmers" who dont (technically) have to grow corn. but they still get paid by the govt anyway.

dont worry though, you'll likely not see a widespread replacement for gasoline in the next decade. I don't care how much money an automaker throws at it.
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If you we can stave it off for atleast 20 years or indefinitly i would be happy. Like i siad the wsate oil recylcling done to make biodeisel is awsome and could take the burden of the whole deisel market almost completely off of conventional oil, We could start with the milatary and the m1a1's that burn gallons of diesel per minute in there high effeciency turbines and work our way to more widestream availability. This will also help alot of resteraunts with there oil disposal fees as this could be localized for easier processing.
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