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Originally Posted by m2cupcar View Post
Launch control is building boost that pdexta's rev-n-clutch-drop is not?
Yes, and control too. Launch control will keep the RPMs the same, while your foot is on the floor. If you watch my launch on my videos, you'll see the engine stays at 4,000 when I launch, that's launch control keeping it there. Which keeps the boost/power/torque constant for each launch vs different on every launch without it.

Without launch control I run 1.9-2.1 60' times depending on how hard I slip the clutch to launch. If I don't blow the tires off.
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Originally Posted by pdexta View Post
The best passes I made were when the car bogged, if I launched harder it would spin and I'd have to peddle it and end up being slower. I think you're absolutely right about launch control though. I'm just too dumb to figure it out without some major hand holding.

I've got a brain built diypnp that has 4 output wires; power, ground, o2, and ebc. I've read into adding launch control a few times but as soon as I take the case off the MS I start crying and frantically try to put it back together.
Depending on what type of MS it is, and if you don't mind downtime, Brain could probably build in launch control for you.
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