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E-Manage Post your questions about greddy e-manage installation and tuning here.

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Default Greddy Emanage Blue or Ultimate for NB with VVT ( naturally aspirated )

Hey guys.. Just had some questions about the Greddy Emanage Blue or Ultimate ( was just reading about it in the VVT Dyno topic )

1. Is there any benefit to using one on an otherwise stock motor, I plan do go supercharged down the road, but for the next 18 months at least, I will be NA, possibly longer. Is there any worthwhile power to be gained on an otherwise stock ( will get intake, and exhaust at the most for the time being , but for now, motor is bone stock )..

2. Will the Emange Blue or Ultimate allow me to control my VVT to any degree? I noticed there is an Emanage Ultimate and also a Vmanage offered by Greddy

3. Can the Emanage Blue or Ultimate auto tune? Also are there any known tuners in South Florida? How well does autotune work?

4. Where is the best place to get a Plug and Play wire harness for it? I don't want to deal with any soldering at all

5. What else do I need for it other than the emanage unit and wire harness?

6. Will the emanage be sufficient later down the road when I go supercharged?
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There's no way to control the VVT with the EMB, since you are using the stock ECU for most things....

You are limited to the injector size that you can potentially run with the EMB, because of the way that it does the air flow signal mods.

There's no built in autotune... Olderguy made one, but it doesn't quite work the "full auto" way. Just a much easier map style.....

You can run either the map sensor or the WB on the blue.... without a lot of fiddling. There's non-greddy software to run to use one of the other inputs to log WB if you are using the map on the option port. I've seen an interesting configuration on mx5nuts, with the WB going to the option port, but the map sensor going to the tps....

An EMU is better, since you can at least run both WB and MAP.

I think it has some form of autotune... never played with it though.

Also you can remove the MAS with the EMU, but it's a complete PITA.

Haven't looked into the Vmanage.

Personally, unless you can get an EMB/U for dirt cheap.... it's not worth it, given the prices on the MS these days (vs functionality). I would seriously consider going to an MS if I was to start over. Except, when I got the EMB, it was dirt cheap, and the MS was still relatively new... so there was still a lot of learning to be done. <G>

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As he said.
EMU easier to deal with. Autotune actually works pretty good with a Wideband and correct settings. never took my to a tuner always did it myself.
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me too - the autotune gives a great base map and a good starting place to get much better numbers - just remember to turn it off when you are done with it
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I ended up buying an EMB with map sensor ( still not sure which MAP it is, maybe you guys can identify ). I got it for $120, i'll get a Gif Tech cable for $40 ( Giff-Tech ) and a boomslang harness ( E-Manage Plug and Play Harnesses )pretty soon here, total out under $400 for all parts. Can't beat that really My power goals are just 200whp eventually, so i think I will be ok.

I'm going to get it installed and tuned naturally aspirated first, my forced induction is still more than a year off, and im still pretty sure i'm going to run that Kraftwerks Rotrex kit, once im ready to buy.

If anyone has a good tune of a 2002 NB Naturally Aspirated ( intake and exhaust only) to get me started, it would be much appreciated

This is what I got- can you tell if that MAP is 2 or 4 bar?

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What the biggest injectors you can run with a EMB?
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I have an 01 Miata MX-5 LS with the emanage blue, E-01 control, cold air intake, 4:1 headers, high flow muffler, and 400cc Denso injectors. highflow cataletic converter with midpipe on the way, Need Maps for EMB naturally aspirated anyone willing to share? I have an MP62 supercharger (supercharger only got for dirt cheap) in process of finding the rest of the kit I need, but I need naturally aspirated maps to get me by for now.
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