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Default Holset HX52 DSM= 816hp/[email protected]

After a rather disappointing trip to Ohio in April for the Ohio Mile we started getting ready for Speed Week early. I knew we were close with things, we just did not get enough runs to get the last of the kinks worked out. We got three runs total and only one run were we could get into 5th gear.

We came home on a mission to get ready and get this car to where we knew it could be. It has been a rough five years, but we have had a feeling all along this year would be the year we claimed at least one if not both of the Production Supercharged records that we are chasing. The F motor class which is 2.01-3.00L and G motor class which is 1.51-2.00L.

We did the math in the land speed calculators and to claim the records the calculators said we needed 720-730hp to reach our goals. So we went in with a goal of 700hp or so and would adjust from there once we got to Utah, IE-turn the boost up during a run if the GPS display did not say a certain MPH by the 3 and 4 mile markers.

Well, right off the bat we exceeded our goals with the first pull being 775hp. Boost was 38psi so we decided to go from there and just work on getting the car a bit smoother. Well upwards of 15 runs later we were able to smooth it out nicely. After a plug change to BR9ES' we were able to get our EGT's to acceptable levels and start leaning on it. We had three runs after the swap but could not seem to tune around it breaking up. We took the plugs out and gapped them down to .018". The very next pull is what you see below. 816hp. And it pulled smooth as could be to 9000rpm.

We came into today with a goal of running the car over 200mph after the flogging to see if the motor would hold together and to see if our new re-engineered water and oil paths through the motor were going to work and be successful. That and see if this head gasket would stay intact with all the oil and coolant ports blocked off on the deck of the motor and cylinder head. We made it to 210mph before we figured that was enough and after 15 runs it was clear the new engine program was a success.

As I said, it took 5 years, but I think we are finally ready. We are gladly accepting sponsorships for cams and intake manifolds to prove their gains and see if this Holset is worth 900hp. With the way things work out at the Salt, we feel we have 30-50hp left in our configuration if this car was a drag car. We do have to dial the timing back a bit and run a ton of fuel through the motor in order to keep head gaskets in the motor for 5 miles at a time.

Here we come Bonneville.

1991 Eagle Talon
Off the shelf Ross 8.5:1 pistons
Off the shelf Manley H beam rods
Used Holset HX52
Stock intake manifold
Crower 413 cams


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This is "you"?

If so I have a buncha questions about tuning
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I do tune the vehicle. I also wrench on it more than anyone else aside from the owner.
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