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Default Questions about EMS vs OBDII Inspections

How do you guys pass OBDII inspections (in NC at least)?

Is there a pro to looking at pre-OBDII cars since you can use almost any EM system out there and passing the sniff-sniff would be as easy as a lean burn?

With OBDII you have to be scanned (no sniffer test of course). As long as you have egr and a cat in place to see and as long as you throw no cel and ready codes are in check (5 or 6 of them) - you pass. My WRX was always easy with a cobb ap which reprogrammed the stock ecu and took out any offending codes but I'm not seeing this in the miata world. Where is it? I was seriously unstock and never failed inspection.

I've looked on trackdogg, bell/begi, flyingmiata, etc but some of them look like they'd work and bell is the only place that says they'd reprogram a stock ecu. I guess those TDR Powercards work in a similar way.

Having boost with a yearly inspection is a pain and unstreetability would defeat the fun of the car. Is going boosted on this car worth it? I dont want to have to swap engine systems every time I have to go get the physical. This makes me want to look at BnB built engines. I'm only looking at the 200whp club but may want more in the future.

Any advice or experiences with this? I know these questions have been asked before.
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Correct me if I'm wrong, but the MP62 base kit from Track Dogg Racing retains all of the functionality of having OBDII to pass inspection while giving you some space to play with boost?

Who out here is running that kind of kit?
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