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Default SCT Flash Programmer?

So discussing my decision to move to MS-PNP with a few guys, someone mentioned SCT-Flash as an even better alternative. Apparently, it's a handheld device you can just plug into the OBD-2 port and it flashes the computers. More info found at the link.

SCT Automotive Performance Products

So, I realize it doesn't say anything about imports, or mazda, but a friend with experience using this tool says it works in Mazda trucks.

You guys think it's worth emailing their support team and finding out what they say about using it on a Miata? Anyone see a reason why NOT to use this if it works?

EDIT: I emailed them, will copy/paste what they write back in this thread.

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I've never heard of such a device being employed on a Miata, though it would be interesting if it worked.

The problem, as I understand it, is that the firmware in the Miata ECU, at least that portion that relates to the fuel and ignition tables, is not able to be re-written. There is some continued work in a thread over at with regard to "socketing" the factory ECU, that is, removing the PROM which stores these parameters and replacing it with an EEPROM such that they can be changed.

I'm basing this solely on the conclusions of others however, so I could very well be wrong here. I've never actually dismantled a 1.8 NA ECU and attempted to reverse-engineer it. Far easier to just trash it and install a MegaSquirt.
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I think SCT only makes products for domestics, but it wouldn't hurt to ask them.

Originally Posted by Project84 View Post
So, I realize it doesn't say anything about imports, or mazda, but a friend with experience using this tool says it works in Mazda trucks.
That may be because all OBD-II Mazda trucks sold in the US were Fords.
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