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Default supercharger fuel management options for a 97

I know this is a turbo forum but I thought their might be some common ground with regard to fuel management, if there's not, sorry.

I just picked up a lightly used M45 Supercharger for my 97 from flyin Miata. It did not come with any electronics, so I am looking for away to manage the fuel. I think I have found two possibilities.

flyin Miata's Voodoo Box. $415.00 plus shipping

The Gen3 PowerCard Fuel Management. $290.00 plus shipping

I am looking for ease of installation, dependability and since I live in Atlanta Its got to pass the emissions test.

If there is a third option please let me know.

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I hope you know what you're getting yourself into. Once you boost a miata you become and addict. You could just throw on a Voo-doo box, but you'll also need a wide band O2 such as an Innovate LC-1. The wide band is a most important thing you will need when adding boost to your car, because you will NOT be able to tune it properly without it.
My advice?
Run away as fast as you can, or you will end up running many times of fuel management, swapping all kinds of injectors, changing your exhaust several times, and adding intercoolers and eventually you will turbo. Then you'll need to build your motor to suit your power addiction.
Trust me.
Run away now, or become "one of us".
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Fuel management for a turbo is exactly the same for a supercharger. Both of the units you've listed will let you reach about halfway through the limits of the M45... the limited factor being charge cooling... anything over about 6-7psi of boost whether your super or turbo requires an intercooler.

The Voodoo and PC will give you enough fuel to safely use 6-7psi on the stock fuel system and you'll see about 150-160whp or so depending on the health of your engine and the health of the blower. Use the highest octane gas you can, and either get a wideband O2 sensor, or pay about $200 to get it tuned.

The problem with both of those units is that they require you to hack the factory wiring harness at the ECU. I've sworn never to hack a factory wiring harness again. Once you've done it, if you ever change your mind, it is a pain in the *** to get it back to stock... and it will always look like absolute ****. It is a far better option to get a Megasquirt PNP.
It is a direct plug-in complete replacement engine computer. It is tried and true and tested enjoys the complete support of this forum. It does not only fuel, but timing as well, which is a critical component of boosted tuning. It does about 100 other things too, but you're mostly interested in fuel and timing. Megasquirt will also run any size fuel injector.

There are a couple veterans on this forum who are from Atlanta and can totally school you up. The best part about it is, you can unplug it and take it out in about 5 minutes and put the stock computer back in and nobody will ever know it was there.

I also recommend a new fuel filter... they're about $20 from any autoparts store.
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My understanding is that with the Megasquirt PNP I would have to switch it back to the OME ECU for it to pass the Ga emissions test? Is this correct?
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