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Default Injector Help

Hello all,

I bought some flow force injectors a while back from a member. I installed them recently to find some gas was making its way past the blue o-ring. I tried re installing them assuming I'm a noob and messed something up and needed to re-seal it. Didn't work so I got in touch with Nigel, who was extremely helpful, and got all new black O-rings and one new blue one. Reinstalled them on the injectors with the lube provided according to the instructions. Re-install them and keep getting the same problem. Does someone have some tips on what I might be doing wrong. It went from happening to one to happening to sometimes 3 with the same symptoms. I assume I am doing something to tweak the top hat and create a weird angle that is allowing gas to bypass the o-ring and spray into the engine bay. I try to make sure all the O-rings are seated and keep pressure on the fuel rail while I try to screw in the 3 bolts with the spacer and extenders provided by Nigel. I'm at a loss and my DD has been down for 2 weeks now. Please help me. They are 640cc injectors, already set up to run on my MS3. Thanks!
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Whatever you do don't drive it......just thought I'd state the obvious to make sure you don't barbecue your car. Need more info, which flow force injectors, what adapters, sizes on all of the above? Gotta give more info, if I had to guess out of thin air these injectors have the wrong diameter adapters or you have a bur on said adapters or the fuel rail sockets that's cutting an o-ring.
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Pictures can help to. Just sayin. Maybe installed pictures, pictures of injector holes in head and fuel rail
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Okay sorry for the really late reply. Have been very busy with work and communicating with Nigel who owns FlowForce. We narrowed it down to the O-rings that sit inside the tophat being old and having micro cracks as they seemed to be a couple years old. Got new ones on the injectors and now no leaks. I am having a little issues tuning the car now that they are in. Getting some smoke out the exhaust which I hope is just excess fuel? Not totally sure. I calculated the required fuel and put the number in but it didn't seem to really work. Had to up my idle cells by 20, which I thought Tunerstudio was supposed to do by calculating a new fuel? Put in the new dead times taken from the site

MS3 Basic @ 3 bar

  • 1.12ms @ 13.2v
  • 140.3% @ 11v
  • 120.9% @ 12v
  • 102.9% @ 13v
  • 90.4% @ 14v
  • 80.7% @ 15v
  • 73.8% @ 16v
. Can you look at my tune and see if everything looks good? I'm sure I fucked something up. Seemed to be idling well no hiccups or misfires from what I could tell. They are flowforce 640cc injectors. Can try and provide any other info needed. Thanks!

Edit:I'm a dummy, ignore this post. I did more research and the car runs great.
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