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Ecu. My ecu died after compression test and has many of the symptoms you said. For example if I first crank car it almost seem to fire but then nothing. Then if I kept trying to crank I got nothing at all. If I were to cycle key off all the way it would try to start but then nothing. I replaced coils, fuses, tested cas, everything seemed fine. Turned out the ecu just died. Was not getting any fuel spray at injectors noid light conformed. Mine was a 94 but its worth a try to check ecu.
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UPDATE: It is embarrassing, but perhaps someone will learn from it.

When the timing belt is in the correct position, the compression is 170; it will not stay that way.

The whole thing was a comedy of errors, I will list everything I now know, but the engine is f**ked.

Started off that my friend had his cousin install an oil filter relocation and oil cooler kit. He was proud of it and told me about it, but did not tell me when it was installed.

He was driving along and the engine stopped, towed it to a shop.

Shop did compression test and told him his timing belt was off and his engine shot.

Friend informed shop that it was a non-interference engine and that TB had 95K on it.

Asked me to do his timing belt and waterpump. I agreed and he towed it to my house.

I did the timing belt and waterpump and tried starting. Engine sounded like it dieseled and stopped.

Threw parts at it: Coils since resistance readings were different from each other, crank sensor, cam sensor, checked fuel pressure. Traced wires back to ECU. All to no avail.

Asked myself: "Did I **** up?" Pulled everything apart down to timing belt and found that it was off. Corrected it and did compression test at 170 across the board.

Left off the alternator and AC belts, started for half a minute and turned it off.

Reassembled everything and started it, brought it up to temp and burped the water system.

Pulled on the throttle cable and it made a horrible racket and died.

Pulled it apart again and the timing belt is WAY off. Now one cam is locked.

Pulled off the cams and found some bearings on both destroyed.

Started following the new oil lines that had been installed and found that one pushed up behind the headlight was bent so tight that it was crimped.

Moral of the story, never assume.

Evidently the oil circulation was cut off, cam bearing seized and threw off the timing belt the first time when it stopped on him.. Anyone have an engine around?
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any updates?
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sorry didn't see the end damn computer skills are off today
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Ouch. That's a $2000 mistake.
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Originally Posted by codrus View Post
Basically I've come over to the camp of "If something is a reliability problem on the track, just ask Andrew and do what he says".
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Is anyone else shocked at how many oil filter relocation kit problems have been reported lately?

My goodness
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