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CN at the bottom...

Well this is sorta off topic, but I didn't want to start a whole new thread for this, and it might prove useful to those considering a new plasma cutter, so here goes.

I'm having trouble with the plasma cutter on my everlast power pro 205, and while everlast support is quite helpful (had an issue with the plasma torch the machine came with, after 10 min on the phone debugging, I had an email with tracking info for a replacement) they don't seem to like helping via email and it's going to be a couple days before I'm able to mess with it during their business hours so I'm hoping maybe someone here will be able to give some pointers.

I've been using the torch problem free for a while, but saturday it went from working to not working pretty suddenly with no cause that I could discern. I replaced all the consumables (the nozzle was a little worn, but not bad...everything else looked perfectly fine). and made sure everything was tight, still no dice. Won't light a pilot arc at all, but it blows air. The electrode/piston moves like it should (that was the problem with the first torch) but it doesn't want to light up. I can get an arc started if I scratch-start, but when I do it still doesn't really cut right. The arc comes out in a wandering cone thats about 1/4" - 3/8" wide at the piece that I'm trying to cut, and it just sorta melts a crater in the metal.

I think this seems to be two separate issues, one being the pilot arc not starting, and the second being the crappy arc that I'm getting now. I'm guessing that I screwed something up when I took it apart to change the consumables, but I can't work out what. I tried it with the swirl ring flipped, and that didn't make any difference. The swirl ring does seem to sit a little loose, maybe that's the issue...

In the troubleshooting section of the manual, it says to check some fuse for issues with the pilot arc, but I couldn't find any indication as to where this fuse is. Anyone know?

CN: Everlast PowerPro 205 plasma cutter was working one second, then stopped giving a pilot arc the next. Scratch start sorta works, but the arc is crappy. Nozzle and electrode replaced, no help. Any ideas welcome.
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You didn't hook it up backwards or anything did you?
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Originally Posted by Erat View Post
You didn't hook it up backwards or anything did you?
Very funny. I don't think I'll do that again for at least a couple more months.

No, it literally went from working perfectly to not working within the space of about 5 seconds. I was making a cut on some pipe with no problems, stopped to rotate it, tried to finish the cut and it didn't work anymore.
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