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Default How much is this gonna cost...

new labor...

odviously every shop is different. I'm pretty good friends with the one shop near me. So hopefully I get a decent deal.

i'm not even sure it it is my rings that is the problem... i'm going to get her compression checked on monday and hopefully i will be able to tell by then..

*note* the problem... oil spewing into intake from head... made a homemade oil/air seperator and it filled up after driving on highway...

going to have to clean innercooler for sure.. :-/ **** me. this sucks.
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$800 for new bearings, studs, and a head gasket.
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I've been quoted $1000 to replace a headgasket in a neon before, i would expect rings to be more than that.
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To do anything internal to the miata you ideally would take the motor out of the car. You can thank the suspension subframe thingy for that (whatever its called). So you need to factor in removing the motor and reinstalling it as far as labor hours go.
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If you can do some of the work yourself, rebuild is not that hard and you know it was running well previously so theres some things you dont need to bother getting checked. First step would be to pull the motor and separate the head and bottom end. If you can do this yourself, that can save a lot of money. The least ammount of work at this point would involve an inspection of the bore and if everything is cherry (very likely), then honed. After this the pistons would need to be reinstalled with the new rings and everything bolted back up. Rings can cost between $35 and $130 and I really do not know if there is any benefit to using the more expensive ones. Going OEM is likely the best bet and what I did. All this could be done for maybe $300-$400 depending on how good of friends you are with the machinist/assembler and if you source the parts and bring them to him. I would also strongly recommend getting the crankshaft resurfaced and new bearings. New seals are also nice. All finished with the crankshaft might run upwards of $700 all said and done.

Also, you might want to consider a used JDM engine with like 40k miles. I have a local source from whom I can get a complete low mileage engine for around $675 and you may even be able to find a better deal.

Anyhow, good luck and hope you can get your car fixed up right for a good price.
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The problem with the JDM engines is that you never know the condition. I'd rather spend $1000-1500 on rebuilding your exisiting engine than spending $700 on an unknown. Milage on JDM engines is supposed to be low, but unless you buy an entire front clip you'll never know. And who knows how long the engine has sat in some port somewhere. In my opinon it is hit or miss.

It would suck to plunk down $$$ on the jdm motor only to find out it too is fucked.

My opinion is that if you are going to open it up you might as well make sure everything is tip-top.

Sorry to hear about your problems, hope you get it sorted out.
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pull the motor yourself...its an errector set for adults. However, don't spare any expenses on rebuilding the motor. Use the best parts money can buy so you can expect another 100k+ miles. If I built a motor, I'd expect it to last 10 its not a bad investment.
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