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Default idle problem?

I just installed a begi series 1 and it seems to be running all fine and everything except after driving around for a bit the cars seems to want to die at idle.

(I am at 5400ft btw)

Should I just try and adjust the idle speed up or might this be caused by:

I noticed when tuning the fuel pressure regulator it said idle should be 28-30 psi, but it seemed like it was at 35psi or so. I didn't really know anyway to adjust the idle pressure so I just kept going with the tuning process and adjusted the pressure as it goes into boost and the pressure under boost to the desired amounts.

I don't think it matters but I'm running 6.5-7psi right now.

and yes I know that I have no idea what I'm doing.

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a bit more information:

So I just let the car idle for 7-10 minutes or so and it was doing just fine even after the engine warmed up all the way.

there are two notches between 0 and 1 on the tach. (I'm going to assume the 1st one is 500 and the 2nd is 750). After it is warmed up it would idle at the 2nd notch (750).

Then if i slowly raised the rpms to about 1500-2000 without letting the boost gauge go up much (-17 or so) and let off it would drop down between the two notches (to 600 or so). If I hit the gas quickly so it went up to 2000rpm and the boost when up to 0psi and let it drop it would droop more down to 500 or so and would stay drooped longer before going back to a normal idle.

After doing this a few times (with a bit of time in between) trying the slow rpm increase and a quick one it started having problems coming back up to the idle. At one point I thought it was going to die so I had to give it gas to keep it from dropping to far below the 1st notch.
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i would check for a vacuum leaks (incl all turbo system valves) and IAC.
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Adjust idle and ambient idle per mnet garage section, if still an issue call Bell they know their quirks pretty well..
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