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Default Interior Lighting

Didn't find a thread on this topic so I thought I'd start it. Just picked up my NA Miata and I've immediately noticed there is no interior lighting. I mean nothing. And I noticed at the worst possible time cursing down the AC Expressway without my EZ-Pass trying to find quarter's through my change thing and nearly clipped some dumbass.

I spoke to my uncle who said his 94 had lights on the rearview mirrors. Mine doesn't. Was that some sort of option? Can I buy an OEM one and stick it in my NA - possibly from a newer Miata without some hard core modding?

Just wondering if there was any other solutions out there that will retain a stock look. Although a turbo is in the very near future, I still plan to DD the bitch and keep some conveniences available.
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Your car has two interior lights. One one each side. If you are sitting in the driver seat, it is near your right leg on the dash. The rear view mirror light is something you can buy.
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The 94 and up (or NB's, can't remember ATM) had a dome light on the interior right about where your early na mirror sits. the mirror gets relocated to the windshield. It's very stock looking.
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