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Originally Posted by levnubhin View Post
I've had not but problems with my prosport boost gauge. Had it replaced once and it still sucks. When in boost the needle jumps all over the place.

I have the old old OLD version of ProSport gauges:

Never ONCE had a single problem with them. The sending unit was a slight pain in the *** for oil pressure because of the physical size, but I got that sorted out. All three of those gauges were like 140$ total.

These ******* pieces of **** on the other hand.....

I've had 4 of these junk *** autometer gauges, which cost 70 ******* dollars a piece for an inaccurate overpriced low quality hunk of mechanical ******* trash. FOUR BOOST GAUGES, ALL showed boost when sitting IN THE ******* BOX, BRAND NEW!!!!!
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Originally Posted by Fireindc View Post
I had never heard of these prosport gauges, until my friend got one for his WRX. It is almost 100% accurate to his Accessport readings, so close i cannot even tell a difference. The needle moves steady, it lights up really bright, you get a choice of colors, it is easily readable, it looks like a much more expensive gauge, and i just love it. I am going to be buying one to replace my FM one as soon as i get home.

Im not sure if they are all this good, maybe he just happend to get a good one?

For less than 40 bucks im going to try my luck, and if i get one as good as his.. ill be happy as can be.
Not in a Miata with the top down in the daylight in the 3 gauge above radio bezel. I love the look and the performance was good but mine was unreadable in the daylight with the top down which was about 90% of my driving.

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AEM Tru Boost! Will match 100%
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which one is better mechanical or electronic boost gauge?
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Originally Posted by masblue View Post
which one is better mechanical or electronic boost gauge?
I prefer electronic, but some say mechanical.

P.S. 5 seconds on google scored me this.

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AEM 30-4406

"Each gauge includes interchangeable silver and black bezels and black and white faceplates "
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I've got the extra faces and stuff, but I don't think white/silver would look right when the rest of the car is straight black.

I ended up with the Z series gauge...I'll post pictures as soon as I can steal a camera from a roommate.
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