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Originally Posted by FRT_Fun View Post
Psh I like to think our recent transaction went smooth! I got the parts btw, thanks
Not you noob.

Good to hear.
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And it dosen't seem to want to end..

Originally Posted by MiataMX5
why want you correct my feedback? I fixed yours to positive and told you I was sorry about saying you were scamming me but if I didn't have a friend that was really into computer stuff it would still not be working plus I had to pay $100 to figure that out. I would really appreciate it you would fix my feedback score. The item was broke when I recieved it and I went out of my pocket to get it fixed.. You are acting like I just didn't know how to use it and thats not the case I tuned the car myself I just has a shop load the base maps and set my timing which cost me a hour of tuning at $95 an hour and thats how I figured that the ecu was fine and it was the serial link.
Originally Posted by falcon
Think about it for a second.

You claimed I was scamming you and sold you a broken ECU. Opened a paypal claim and slandered me in the thread I started and on my feedback score.

That's just fine that you fixed my feedback (but not really because it's still there as neutral). I did nothing wrong in the transaction, but you jumped the gun calling me a scammer.

Therefore you get negative feedback.

Originally Posted by MiataMX5
its not neutral its positive. look at your feedback you have 100% at 1. You started a thread on here bashing me plus I dont really like you stating my full name in it i do believe thats against the rules but beside the point. I was just taking up for myself If I would have started a thread bashing you and trying to turn the whole forum against you you would have probably done the same and wrote stuff about me. But I clear up my mistake and told everyone i was wrong and apologized. But think if you bought something and it didn't work you would be mad and one of the parts was broke but is now fixed. Also the paypal thing you took the wrong way and everything went crazy from there. I did that thinking you refund the money I ship it back and you collect the insurance because I thought the shipper has all the paperwork. I was wrong about how it worked and owned up to it. So if you would please fix my feedback.
Originally Posted by falcon
If you would have started a thread "bashing" me... I would have defended myself and in the end it would have been the same outcome.

Oh, and you bought something and it did "work". You just didn't know how to work it yourself.

And again, no. The feedback stays. Feedback is exactly that. Me expressing my experience with you as a buyer. And it sucked. You caused stress for myself as well as making me call long distance to Paypal for like half an hour out of my own pocket $.
Originally Posted by MiataMX5
I do know how to use the link I researched it very well and I have tuned the computer myself. If the damn serial link you sent me wouldn't have been messed up this would have never happened. I tuned the car using plink on my palm pilot and dataloglab. You act like this was my fault but it wasn't really my fault the part that YOU SENT ME WAS BROKE. I have got it fixed and I tuned the computer and it runs aWESOME. Also the reason it never ran good for you is because you had the wrong chip date on your map files which caused it to give the car the wrong info you had it 2005 and the date was a 2003 date. i mean damn why do you think you are to good to make a mistake. I believe we were both at fault on this dealbut I dont mind saying when I make a mistake but you must. thanks
Originally Posted by falcon
Why do you think I sold it? It ran like **** and I knew I didn't know what to do.

Also, the connector was working when I had it. Am I going to make a claim for $20? The amount TurboRoach charged me to make it?... No.

Anyways, the feedback stays so deal with it.
Originally Posted by MiataMX5
So what is it now i know what i am doing and you dont care that the part was broke? I mean come on you sent it to me it was broke I fixed it and I fixed your feedback you think this was pleasant for me HELL NO but you know what I fixed your feedback so you could still buy and sell **** on here trying to be nice I just dont understand why you can't do the same?
Originally Posted by falcon
Again, it wasn't broken when I shipped it. And still don't think it is.

I still don't think you're putting 2 and 2 together. There are consequences for actions. You actions caused me frustration and wasted my time therefore I give negative feedback.

That's how the world works. You don't get to put negative feedback because I did nothing wrong. Understand yet?

Anyways, that's enough PMing. I've made my point and am going to be cutting communication with you. You just don't seem to get it so I'm done trying to explain.
Originally Posted by MiataMX5
your a dumbass *****. **** u
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i want to close this thread because it doesn't seem to have a point anymore.

falcon, if you have any further issues with feedback, i think Braineack can fix you up.

MiataMX5, I think (??) the thing you bought works now. It appears to be a learning experience for dealing with sellers and your choice of methodology.


Stop bothering each other and move on. If you have issues to resolve for THIS particular issue, PM a mod.
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