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Default Repair a wideband cable?

I bought an Innovate wideband kit from a buddy. I got it for a really good deal because his dog chewed on some of the wiring.

Is it possible to repair this cable? It looks like it's got a bare copper wire and some metal sheathing [shielding?]. I know I can get spares from Innovate, but I want to try to fix it if I can.

Here are a few really shitty pics of the damage:
Name:  wb1_zpsl8pkyfsq.jpg
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Name:  wb2_zpsomyvds6z.jpg
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On further inspection, the only damaged part seems to be the insulation and that metal sheath.
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The sensor should be replaced regardless. They fail and use stainless wire that's a PIA to solder.

The wires on the controller can be spliced without issue, just do a good job and it will last as long as any other LC1.
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