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Default Start up issues like none

So thismorning I came out to warm up the car like I normally do. Well, upon tuning the key to start, I got the typical relay click and fuel pump spool, but when I turned the car to actually start the starter did not kick on. So I took the key out and tried again. This time I heard my fan kick on (not normal). Turn key off, turn key on. This time in the all the way forward position, the radio doesn't cut out and the fan stays running as long as I hold the key forward as if i'd be turning the starter. As soon as I let the key back into the "on/running" position, the fan cuts off. I went back and fourth between just turning the key all the way forward and letting go and holding the key all the way forward. Hell, I even tapped on the starter thinking that would help. This went on for a few minutes....sometimes the fans would turn on in the "start" position, and other times it would do what it is supposed to do ...dim the radio and gauge cluster lights...but still no starter.

A few minutes later it started right up.
Ignition switch? The only reason I think not is because the fuel pump primed when I turn the key to the "on" position like normal. Also, I have a very light key big heavy keychain which can cause ignition cyl. problems.

WTF? (I won't be back to read this until ~4pm because i'll be at work)
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On my car, I have to turn the key about four times before it starts because of the starter =/
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It's the ignition switch, guaranteed. Unscrew the kick panel, then unscrew the 1 philips screw holding the ignition switch in the tumbler. Pull it out and turn it with a flat head screwdriver like you're starting the car. The two copper discs inside wear at the point where the starter engages (commonly caused by arcing between the contacts). When you pull the switch out and turn it with a screwdriver, you actually rotate the contacts a little further than with the switch installed and turned with a key. If it starts up with the screwdriver, you know your switch needs some cleaning.
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wtf gay spammer crap. Here's a link to an ignition switch tear down so you can see the discs I'm talking about.

Miata Ignition Teardown
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