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Default trouble with parts

I bought a turbo kit from BEGi about 6 months ago cus I heard that they were the best. Dont get me wrong, their parts are quality, but getting the right parts in a decent time seems impossible. I know that they are kind of a small company so they cant just have everything in stock all the time, but I keep getting the wrong parts and the instructions are kind of screwed up too. Has anyone else had any problems or am I just extreemly unlucky?
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I believe this topic has been beaten to death. Try a search maybe?
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Having had the pleasure of visiting Corky's shop, I can tell you they are a small operation.

Their engineering, manufacturing techniques, expertise and execution are first notch, but they certainly are not geared to kick out at a high production rate. If I ran such a niche business...I wouldn't be either. The guys that were there that day were busting their asses though, and I know Stephanie works like crazy to stay on top of things...even if you feel like you've been forgotten.

You may even end up feeling like they don't care about your order, your parts, or your car/schedule/issues, but they do. A lot of us have had problems, but with few exceptions they resolve them very effectively, and leave the customer happy. There are a couple of threads here where this wasn't the case, but with everyone else, after a couple of months the customer was screaming around in a turbo Miata.

Having dealt with a small ordeal myself, the best advice I can give is to not get too wrapped up about it. Keep pestering them until they get it right, and let them know each time you talk to them each issue that still needs to be resolved. Make a bulleted list that you transcribe at the end of each conversation.

These days without parts seem long...but once you're up and running they're a thing of the past, and you're so happy about your kit you don't care anymore.

My .02.
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My Begi-S kit came about 5ish weeks later than I was initially told, my dual gauge mount is going on 7+ weeks late, I's on back order. When installing the kit, I found the instructions could have been a bit better organized. I also ended up not using a couple parts (pre-intake elbow comes to mind). I think I was missing a fitting or two, also, but the only thing that really bothered me was the lateness. The fact that I was able to start the car and take it for a test drive on the 3rd day of working on it shows that it was a pretty well put together kit, especially for the price. I think, judging by others' posts on here, Begi might benefit from adding a few weeks to any estimated shipping time.
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I really don't know of anyone who has bought the begi kits and has not run into the same problems that you are having. I myself had the same thing happen to me when i bought my s kit(wrong parts, late shipping, turbo setup incorrect) ,but if you call them they will take care of everything.

Their quality and customer service is the reason i picked begi. They will correct their mistakes and they are there to offer any help during the install. Two days of working and mine has been up and running and running quite well considereing the rough tune that i'm running.

Be patient once the kit comes in and you get the miata running boosted it will be worth the wait.
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I've been waiting on a call back from Greddy Tech Support yet. Begi will make it right.
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Warning #2 issued. Next one's a ban.
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