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Deffinatly enjoying driving it. It has been a long effort to getting it running. I started the project a good 6 months ago. Still need to get some things worked out but I am quite happy that I can drive it.

I plan on doing some dyno days and continue the work on getting the tune right. I know there is always improvements that can be done. First things are the sensor, radiator, thermostat, get LCI working or get a different one if i can not work out the problems, Get laptop running so I can get it hooked back up to the MS.

After all those things are finished up it will be time for new wheels and tires and top!
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Good numbers there. But you're torque curve definitely has a strange shape. It almost looks like a supercharger torque curve.

Here's one for you guys to laugh at. Did this on Sunday on a Mustang. This is a Greddy with no intercooler and the Greddy downpipe. Boosting about 9-10psi with water injection. Engine has 200K miles with bolts that were last torqued in Hiroshima in 1989. Definitely have some low-hanging fruit to add power, but I need to swap my diff first. Note that the RPM scaling on the dyno plot is a little off. I let off at 6,850 according to the MS.
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**this is somewhat of a rambling thinking outloud post.. so take it as that**

I attached my files to another post I made. https://www.miataturbo.net/ecus-tuning-54/high-idle-65490/ i am not able to move them right now but if someone wanted to see them.

The car has been a blast to drive but I find that even after only a month the power is not enough. I am not sure the way to go. There is a lot of good information on the site and google in general it is just hard to sort through everything. I guess there is no "right" answer to more power. My problem right now is I want the car faster but I think the reliability is going to suffer. I know more power and reliablity do not go hand in hand.

In my reading people say that the stock motor should handle 250HP. I then also read that it is more boost pressure and trq that cause failure. Right now I am at 12.5 psi and my numbers are ok for what it is. I could raise tune the car to 15psi or 18psi giving me some more power but am I just going to bend and break something? I have read some posts where people say 12psi is to much. What are some opinions on this? Bump it up and hope for the best.

or is my problem more my tune. Like others have said the trq curve seems to drop. Also I thought I should be making more power with the 12.5psi. Is there a problem or is every car just different and this is what my car does at this level of boost. I tried to buy good parts to give me the best chance of the most power and most reliablity.

If it was your car and you wanted more power what would you do? What steps should I be thinking next? Or am I to the point that it is what it is and anything more is a ticking time bomb? I have searched and read and read I just don't know what to do. I do not think the parts I have bought and put on are holding me back. I think I have room to grow the power with what I have installed. It just comes down to is it the right way to go.. or am I missing something. Maybe a bigger turbo would have been the way to go. More power with less pressure? I might be to the point that it is boost it up.. hope for the best and then plan for a rebuild after it breaks... but not really wanting to spend $3500 on a rebuild.

is this the same problem that everyone has.. does it ever end.. is it ever enough power?
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Originally Posted by zeroox View Post
is this the same problem that everyone has.. does it ever end.. is it ever enough power?
Yes it is the problem that everyone has. No it never ends, no you never have enough power.

You could honestly bump up the boost a little bit and probably not have any issues. Rods tend to bend somewhere between 225ft/lbs-250ft/lbs at the wheels. After that you get into the needing a built motor territory.
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