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Default In another bind - Car electrical

Gave my old '03 Taurus to one of the guys that works here and at the time I had the interior half stripped and sold off. So now, we're piecing it back together 1 part at a time.

Today I put in the new window switch we ordered for the passenger side of the car off ebay. Plugged it in and the switch wouldn't work (keep in mind, the drivers side switch wouldn't work for the pax side either, only the drivers), but the drivers side switch let the window go down, but now it wont go back up.

I'm assuming by plugging the new switch in I completed a circuit which is why the drivers side switch now works. Problem is, the button is stuck or something and wont allow the window to go back up. I ordered another new passenger side switch and tried that with the same results. Neither the used ebay or new store bought switch lights up when plugged in.

I tried to google how to jump it, but seems ridiculous to have to crawl under the dash and cut wires.

Anything I can do short of putting plastic on the ******* thing? Its raining out today so I cant leave him hanging.
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Just to understand:

Pass side window never worked, even when commanded by the drivers side switch.
You replaced the switch, twice, and the window will still not return to the "up" position.
The back-lighting for the replacement switch(es) would not illuminate when plugged into the door-subharness.

Obviously, somewhere along the line, you're not getting power. First confirm power at the switch itself, and if the fuse is in-tact. I've seen wires break at the door junction into the cabin. If you don't have power at the door, you need to follow the sub-harness into the cab, and find where your break is.

In the meantime, you can use two test lights to supply the window motor with power. A quick google search reveals the motor works off 12 volts, so you can use the battery or a jump pack to power the motor up, assuming the motor itself is also good. I wouldn't just jam the leads in, and take it all the way up. Ease it up slowly, completing the power circuit only briefly.

Or, just pull the door panel, and yank that bitch up.
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