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Originally Posted by EO2K View Post
Rather than your yeast being a bunch of grumpy bitches that just woke up that complain that they can't find their slippers and the floor is too cold, your yeast will be like a coked up Fae with a new box of sawzall blades on a fresh Miata.
I am making a refraction still tonight. For beer, I only drink beer that has the word "Lite" in the name. That is L I T E not "light".

Going to use regular old malted barley for the mash. No beer stripper.

Refraction still is gonna be a small stovetop pot still.

Any suggestions for an airtight way to fill the pot? I really would prefer not to seal the stupid lid each time I brew.
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Big *** vbands? Get Absurdflow to build it for you

I know next to nothing about distillation, had to google "refraction distillation" to find out what you were talking about. In4pics either way.
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Default California Common

Time for a California Common before it gets too warm!

"California Steam" recipe ripped off from Midwest Supplies, + honey
  • 6lbs Breiss Gold Unhopped LME
  • 8oz Carapils
  • 8oz Caramel 40L
  • 3lbs Clover Honey @15min
  • 1oz Northern Brewer (8.6%AA) @60min
  • 1oz Cascade (6.5%AA) @2min
  • 1/2oz Centennial (8.x%AA) @2min
  • Wyeast 2112 California Lager yeast

1.060 Starting, expected final around 1.010 sooo... 6.5-6.75%ABV if I can hit 80ish% attenuation. I started this a while ago and it got stuck @ 1.040 and didn't move for nearly 3 weeks. Ungh...

What I learned: (Proper Prior Planning Prevents **** Poor Performance)
  • Straight O2 Injection FTW! I can't shake a carboy enough to properly oxygenate 5g of wort. Mini O2 Regulator and diffusion stone ordered from Williams Brewing. MUCH cheaper than a visit to the chiropractor
  • Take my own advice and MAKE A FÜCKING STARTER! This was a last minute brew day so I didn't have time to step up a starter. I got lazy and pitched directly from the Wyeast Smack Pack without stepping up the culture. Turns out I massively underpitched this thing.
  • 2112 California Lager is highly flocculant and packs down hard with the trub. This also effects its ability to get the job done. I had to use my racking cane to break up the cake so I could stir it back into suspension.
  • Stuck ferment + 1tsp DAP + 1tsp Fermaid-K = WINNING. I may start being one of "those guys" and adding this stuff at the beginning. Nothing like needing a blow off tube for a lager yeast
Ok, who else is still brewing/vinting/distilling?
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I just kegged a double IPA and it is fantastic. I don't have the recipe with me, but if I remember I'll post it tonight. I ordered two more kegs so I can actually drink my dunkelweizen that has been fermenting for 2 weeks. Those should arrive tomorrow.
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