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Its DIY. It looks like it was professionally made and powdercoated. Nice stuff but it runs right up where the AC/PS sits.
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So it finally came, yea Im a pretty impatient person myself. Im currently waiting for some suspension pieces to arrive and its killing me.
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If you have a decent cold side, just re-do the hot side. you have a intercooler with mounting brackets and half the piping, thats a large part of the battle. just cut out what doesn't fit and route some new pipe around the ac/ps.

edit: you might try clocking the turbo, looks like its in the stock position in the pic
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Originally Posted by georgefury1 View Post
I did a test fit today and ended up with some bad news. The hot side of the FMIC piping will not fit due to the PS and AC. That sucks BC its all really nice stuff but its my daily so I kina want these things. I might sell the whole thing and start from scratch. As for feedback I decided to go ahead and leave it positive. I was just happy all the important stuff, turbo, mani, down pipe, BOV, was in good shape. I did only check two stars for shipping time. Does anyone have any pics of FMIC piping with AC and PS?? This would be most helpful.
Man get some mandrel bends and silicone couplers, fix it. If it is that close, just make it work.

The DIY IC is a major pain. And it will all be silicone couplers. The more pieces that are welded, are money in the bank. You don't have to worry about them.

Sounds like a good deal. HOOK it UP already!

The msd will pull 3 degrees per psi, and max out at 6 degrees. the main thing is it alows you drive with normal timming out of boost. You can find on with the $30 he refunded. I would ask him about it. But it sounds like he is trying to do you right, giving money back and all. He didn't have to do that. So I would say you are even.
But I would ask, and if you had to spend $15, of that $30 he gave you, to get it. That would be a big man of you too.
but if he doesn't have it. I wouldn't worry about it. You haven't been hosed.
Your even.

I'd give him positive feed back. I hate for people to delay, but as long as it works out, I chill pretty quick too.

Now you can put $60 with that $30, and get a bipes, it suposed to be alot better.
I do have a msd myself, I have no complaints with it. I can't tell when it kicks in. So it works good.......... Smooth linear power.

I'm glad you got the kit in!!! Whewwwww!.....

Good Luck!
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I finally got all the bugs worked out and all the parts are here!! I decided to run stock boost and just use the factory crossover pipe. I mailed FM and they said that they would sell just the hot side of their FMIC pipes.

Hurry up and wait....rant-img_3983_300.jpg

I will just have to hold out on the FMIC until I can scrape up the $100.00. I also ordered a used blox 12:1 FMU for $30.00 shipped.

Hurry up and wait....rant-blox.jpg

I think this stuff will hold me over until I can get the pipe and a MSPNP or a link. If everything goes as planned I should install everything this weekend. Should I do a build thread even though its all pretty basic stuff?? Thanks for all the advise I have received. You guys made this so much easier!!
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