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The 4th picture confuses things. I can see people expecting it to look like that, even though you showed a close up of the dirty Jeep logo. I can see that causing people to complain. The fact that you also stated that "you can trust these parts are in the best used condition possible!" would make people believe it looks just like new as in that 4th picture.

I think you completely covered yourself by showing 3 actual pictures of it, but for future use I'd put a "not as shown" text/graphic on the factory image.
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To me it looks OK, some dirt/stain on the Jeep letters and other than that really clean. No rips or tears.
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Originally Posted by Vashthestampede View Post
Hey man, it was really in my best interest to just send him back $10 to keep the peace. Hopefully he takes the advice I gave him and he asks questions before he bids.
I understand completely, it's just that that tends to backfire in my experience. I used to work in a restaurant, and I saw the same people complaining about the same food week after week because they knew they could get a comp. So instead of potentially losing a (crappy) customer, or having some bad word of mouth advertising, we lost money by giving out free food, we lost money by not having a paying customer in that seat, and we lost money due to their word of mouth advertising about our free food. The restaurant is no longer in business.

As far as the listing goes,

I'd like to make a couple of suggestions:
1. Use the disclaimer: Factory Description to tag anything that is not your writing. It says you will want to drive barefoot, but it's a rear mat, so that doesn't really make sense. To me it's clear that it was a blurb from the manufacturer depicting how soft and plush the material is that they use to make mats. To your average schmoe velcro shoes are confusing. Same thing with Stock Photo
2. I'm colorblind, and each camera and each monitor add their own touch to images. You should really yell about these mats being black if they are black. The pic looks gray, put a blurb on the pic saying Note: These mats are much darker in person than this pic.

That's all I would suggest, you can't over-document.
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