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Default O/T Suzuki tech help needed

Right Gents, I am posting this as this forum has a pretty strong knowledge base and I figure you guys wil be able to help me figure this out.

My mother has a 95 Suzuki X-90, Yes the little 2 door samurai thing that makes a Miata look downright masculine. The engine let go a few months ago, same problem with the crankshaft woodruff key that early Miata's suffer oddly enough. So I stuck a junk yard motor from a Vitara in it. All worked fine. She drove it for about 300 miles and then one morning it wouldn't start. I go over and do a bit of checking and there is no fuel pressure. So I order a fuel pump, interestingly they use the same one as a Miata.

So today I dropped the fuel tank to replace it and found that in actual fact the tank is crushed. Its been pulled in on itself by vacuum. I have heard of this happening but never seen it myself, but there it is. Its crushed itself until the folds in the metal have pinched off the fuel pump output hose, hence no pressure.

So the vent is clearly not working. There are 3 hoses going up to the engine. Fuel supply and return, and the evap hose. It goes to the top of the carbon can (same as the Miata part) and the can has another hose on top that goes thru the solenoid valve to the manifold, and a fat hose coming out of the bottom of the can that goes down to the vent on the front differential(!?) so presumably just VTA from there.

So I know you had fun reading all that ****, I sure enjoyed typing it. Any one have any idea's? I didn't have the elec toolbox with me so didn't check to see if the evap valve is working. Again it looks like the same denso part that came off of my Miata so I do have a known good spare. I am however tempted to just pull the can and valve and just run that vent hose VTA in the engine compartment.

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Disconnect both ends of the evap/vent hose system and blow it out with compressed air, you may have got something in there during install.
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There may be an inline check valve. Blowing out the lines should find it if there is one.
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And when you are done, just set it up to VTA, and it will be fine.

BTW, sometimes gas caps on cars are vented to allow air in, but not out as the fuel level drops. Not sure about that model.
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it does have a check valve and it is between the tank and the carbon can. I suspect that has to be the problem, as a failure at the solenoid valve would still have allowed air "in" thru the carbon can vent (right?) and as such I will just remove the damn valve and everything downstream of it and run it VTA. I will post pictures of the tank once I have a new one next to it. I am AMAZED it is so crushed.
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