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Default Pressure brake bleeder kits.

Are they really worth $80? Its not really something your going to be using very often. Are there any places that rent them?
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In my opinion, they're not worth $5. I bought one many years ago. It ended up just making a brake fluid mess everywhere and introducing more air into my lines. And maybe technology has improved in the last 12 years, but I'll still stay away from them.

I'm sure some folks like them and can get them to work, but that's not me.
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I hate those kits, they just make a massive mess. I'd suggest something like this:

Got mine for $40.
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I use my Mityvac every time I flush my brakes and it works great. I have never used a pressurized system, but the vacuum ones work pretty well.
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I have a mighty-vac, I've used pneumatic bleeders...I still keep going back to the manual bleed. I use reverse pressure bleeding when the system goes dry, but that's the only time.
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Last time I bled my clutch I used an old shopvac with progressively smaller tubes hooked up to the bleeder. Worked great!
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Here you go.

DIY brake bleeder
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I have ABS and ever since I went to SS lines my pedal feel has been crap. I've bled those bastards so much but it has never helped. I would like to try to reverse bleed..
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Old 02-24-2011, 04:41 AM   #9
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I have a motive power bleeder. It's the exact same thing as the diy one listed above. I am a pro mechanic and use it at least once a week. I love it. I also have a mitey vac and have used it as well to bleed breaks but never with very good results. Pressure bleeding is the way forward here. Every dealership I have worked for has had a very expensive electric unit, and I have always found the motive unit to work just as well, and even if you can't be bothered to diy it they are ony $40 or so for the premade one with one master cylinder fitting. I found that diy website after I had mine, I would build my own were I to do it again.

At any rate, I bleed alot of brakes, on alot of cars, and pressure bleeding is definatley the way to go.
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I have used a vacuum bleeder on a few cars now with stellar results. Highly recommended! You're one person doing one corner at a time so you don't need the fancy 4up models and putting air pressure on brake fluid only helps dissolve air into it.

Easy peasy method:
-Jack car
-turkey baster or mityvac as much old fluid out of the reservoir as you can
-top up with bf of choice
-go to corner
-remove bleeder screw
-teflon tape the threads
-reinsert and bleed with vacuum bleeder
-top off fluid and repeat at other corners

Teflon tape on threads helps prevent the bleeder from pulling air through the threads.
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