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The big one has two Cummings turbo diesel V10's in it, one for the front wheels, one for the back. Our IT guy got a picture of his '90 parked under the duck bill. Pretty cool pic, as it was a shot of huge vs. tiny. It was shipped up to the buyers in Canada, and a guy did the same thing with his Ford Ranger. Unfortunately they hadn't finished hooking up the hydraulics, and coupled with a damaged manifold that happened during shipping, the dude's truck got smashed by the duck bill, thankfully no one was injured.

We have a few overhead (gantry) cranes at work, all 80T I think, pretty cool but you're supposed to know which way is North, South, East, and West, which I always forget (I hardly use them).

I think the cheapest lifting option would be to buy a used fork lift, although you're not supposed to stand under those either.
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Originally Posted by Joe Perez View Post

Use bolts. Stronger, easier to install. Same way they put bridges together.

IF you can get all your pieces to the point it just takes bolts...let me know. I work at a really big fasteners company (seen our stuff on Discovery Channel flown in on a helicopter for a bridge actually, I wasn't at work when it was picked up apparently, but I'm sure that was one hell of a hotshot fee). Just let me know what you need, and I'll get it to you.

I really want to like this idea...but elesjuan and curly are right...they train us not to even walk under bar when it's on the crane.

Now if you had a set of arms that attached to the posts and came out far enough to set the undercar bars on that may work. Lift car...attach arms...lower car 2in onto arms. You could leave it there indefinitely.

You still couldn't do exhaust, tranny or diff work hardly though.
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Maybe it's just the drugs wearing off, but this idea of hoisting a car into the with four cheap electric winches sounds like quite a lot of ***-hattery to me. Whoever came up with the idea probably has a death wish.
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We've had 2 crane/lifting related fatalities here in Charleston in the last few years. 1 was a failure and the other a safety failure.

The first was at the coliseum and they were lifting the "scoreboard" back up to the ceiling after some maintenance. It is on it's own hoist system and when it gets up there someone goes on the catwalk and bolts it in place. Cables broken and flattened someone walking across the floor.

Second was a crane at the port dropped a container on a the truck driver when he was standing next to the truck in the crane operators blind spot.

Point is cranes/hoists are not designed to have anyone under them.
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