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There are boats about that size in Alaska that run the rivers that have a ton of power. I don't recall exactly how many outboards it had but I remember being impressed it had a thousand horsepower. They have to stay up to speed through parts of the gravel bars where the water isn't deep enough to float the boat if it comes to a stop.
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Originally Posted by Project84 View Post
That's all I'm pointing out here. $180k for the inflate-a-boat that'll do 70mph on water, is $180k not spent on an entire fleet of cargo vans that'll do 70mph on a legal interstate with no questions asked. How's that? Hell, for $180k you could buy a couple outdated tour busses or RV's and tint the windows and traffic drugs all while looking like a typical wealthy family on a nice vacation.
So now you know more about drug smuggling than the big guys themselves? Clearly they are already using vans and getting stopped at the borders, and planes getting grounded and searched upon landing. Apparently they have a reason to need a boat. Drug smuggling aside, and money aside, 70mph in this boat is fast, that is all that should need to be said.
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60mph and starting out only sitting a foot out of the water is scary fast. At WoT only the back 3' of my 18' jet would be in the water. Hitting a wake and launching into the air was always a fun and rough landing.

A friend of mine had a 454 blown on nitrous jet boat with a drop snoot. The *** at 75 MPH hit the bottle, and I just about **** my pants. He said we hit a 100, I was to busy holding on to the oh **** handle praying that I lived. I will say the blower 2 feet behind your head is an awesome sound.

mah Tahiti when I had it. Balanced and blueprinted 455 Olds, MSD ign, 650cfm carb on a Edelbrock intake, Crane custom ground cam, roller rockers, roller lifters.
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I am so glad I sold that money pit, and bought another Miata.
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Info: Squirt 2

Of course, that's just the amateur version. Sometimes you need to call in the pros.

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I'll have mine with JATO rockets please.
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I didn't give them permission to use video of my boat!!! I also wish they didn't put the music so ******* loud over the sound of my engines. Why do people always think I want to hear their poor taste in music instead of the subject of the video. Pisses me off.
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