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The exact same thing happened to me (gas was like $.19 vs $1.90 a couple of years ago) so I can tell you what I "did" instead of what I "would do". Call me a bastard if you will, but I filled up the Miata with probably 8 gallons and drove off. My twisted rational - I have been screwed over so many times that I figured it was Karma and was just my time to get a little back. Was it fair to the owner or the attendant - NO. Would I do it again, probably not...
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Originally Posted by 1967cutlass View Post
Option E:

I would have called all of my friends after I went back to get my other car and fill it up.

We get screwed on gas prices anyway, might as well "stick it to the man" when you get the chance.
Wow.... I can't believe that you consider the gas station owner "The Man".

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See #9
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Originally Posted by 1967cutlass View Post
I didn't know that's how it worked. I figured the big name gas stations were corporate owned.
Gas stations are like starbucks, mcdonalds, or buger king. You get franchise rights and pay royalties.

To bad though you cant buy Mobil, use a generic name but somehow wink wink let people in on the fact that you are selling rebranded mobil gasoline.
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