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Originally Posted by urgaynknowit View Post
i was sitting at a light and this kid pulls up next to me. he goes to school with me and has a bright red s2000. he pulls up and says this to me

"should have bought a real convertable..."

im sitting thinking to my self like wtf?? is he serious? he then proceeds to rev waiting for the green light. i was now pissed , i was just going to roll off the light slowly and not give a ****, but my inner man took over

as soon as the light turned green i dumped clutch at like 5k. he out launched me by maybe a fender? and as soon as we hit second, i walked him.
there were buss lengths between us.

so much for his convertable
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I think the best part about that is another convertible owner talking smack. That's the sort of thing I'd expect to hear from a Mustang driver; "shoulda had bought'n a real car, boy!"
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real convertible? A chrysler sebring can be a "real" convertible. I guess he meant roadster, or sportscar or something.
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people used to make fun of me

then I bought a miata
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Had 2 punks in a Black SRT-4 come up my *** out of nowhere a few months ago. The road split into 2 lanes, and they passed me. My fiance says, "aren't you gonna pass them?" I said, "see that red light ahead...they'll get it." So I pull into the left lane behind this dude (the right lane had another car in it), and wait for him to make his move. I hear him give a few revs, the light turns green, and he pulls out nice and easy, then nails it, and slams 2nd. I slam 2nd, floor it, cut into the right lane, smack 3rd, and blast by him gaining car length after car length. At the next light I'm sitting there waiting for them, and they pull up next to me with windows down, but never look over. So I yell, "I like that Stage 1 decal, what's that do?" The light goes green and they don't even try. My fiance goes "you're such a kid sometimes." LOL.
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I have had a lot of people try and **** with my car. I used to get EXTREMELY angry and wanna knock teeth out but I learned to calm down. I got a million of these stories but i'll just pick the best ones.

I used to live in Gulf Breeze(pensacola) and my friend had a black mustang gt(stock) and he thought his **** was so FAAAAAASSSSSTTTT!

One night we were going back to his place to meet up with some friends and he decided to speed around me. No kidding, out of no where one of his neighbors throws a beer bottle at his car, breaks on the windshield and shouts "Slow the **** down!!!" It was priceless.

One of my first days at Key West high school I was walking out to my car and saw 2 gangster *** ****** SITTING on my car! I was so ******* mad. they were like laying on it! I yelled at them to get the **** off my car and they were like "whos gonna make us." Then they turned around to see my 6ft 275 pound body walking towards them with my fist curled, wearing my weightlifting 1000 pound club shirt on. They got off, walked away and started talking all kinds of gangster **** about how they were gonna shoot me, once they were like 50 feet away.

I got a good one thats completey not miata related. The other night I was taking my dads viper for a spin and on the way home this kid with a 375whp evo9 races up to me on US1 and was like "Hey, is that the record car? If not I can beat it." I was driving the street car so I was like "No, lets race" He brake boosted the **** out of his car and just went with out any honks so I was like okay and put it in second, spun from 55-70(factory 11 year old tires), shorted into third and walked him bad. was very fun. He tried to say it wasn't fair becuase the viper is more expensive, so I had to correct him. "your car was bought new for 42K and you put 11k in mods in it already right? This viper was bought used with 28k miles for 38k dollars." I started laughing and told him should have gotten a viper instead of his faggy evo.

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[QUOTE=\I started laughing and told him should have gotten a viper instead of his faggy evo.[/QUOTE]

I wish I could afford to say that.
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