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LINK Discussion about the LINK ECU.

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Default Lessons learned with Link/LC-1

As I continue to use the Link ecu that came with the car and save up for MS3, I figured I would post up things I have learned. This way, if anyone else is trying to save money and continuing to use this outdated control hardware/software, they won't have as many frustrated tuning days...
  • Short, open exhausts cause the LC-1 wideband to read lean on low load/part throttle. This is why my 100 and 200 rows are auto-tuning super rich.
  • Make sure you read through the manual and adjust all of the settings from default to match your car mods. Changing the injector offset to match my bigger injectors fixed a lot of problems.
  • Having bought the car with both the ecu and wbo2 sensor already installed, I didn't realize you needed to calibrate the o2 sensor every 10,000 miles.
  • Use the tuning manual to calculate the proper voltage ranges for your specific wbo2 sensor
  • I purchased this car for really cheap because the previous owner was extremely frustrated with the car not tuning properly. One $100 intake air temp sensor later and the car was running fine. Always check your sensor readings at startup!
  • When trying to smooth out idle, get the car running smooth on fuel settings first before adjusting the idle screw to meet injector duty cycle targets.
  • If you get stumbling and surging at minimal throttle cruising, lower your Overrun MAP setting to make sure you are still getting fuel until you actually let off the gas. Duh, I know

Also, does anyone know how to adjust for incorrect MAP readings on this ecu? At startup, my ecu reads 80-85 kpa at ~400 ft.

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