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Default First Post: 1995 Turbo Project

Hey all, I'm new here and finally decided to post, as I recently sold a car and now have some funds for a turbo project.

I live in NC, north of Greensboro; new to the community.

My miata journey started last summer, when my wife was looking for a fun, we don't have kids yet car. (She's a winner!) I'm SO glad we choose a 1999 black Miata: fun to drive, responsive, 5 speed, and a convertible! It was only lacking one thing .... POWER (and fresh paint)!! My search for more power brought me here.
The down-side was we moved to an OBDII state, and hearing how much the piggy-back system is a frowned-upon band-aid, and the enormous complexity of creating a parallel setup, I have been in search of a 94/95. (This is not meant to be a 1.6v1.8 debate, but looking to keep stock internals and minimize engine stress)

After vulturing the classifieds, my desires were made solidified when I was able to drive Tekel's "clean 1995 turbo". It was so much fun and I was officially hooked. Still second-guessing myself a little that I didn't pull the trigger on that car. He was such a stand-up guy - he even helped me get at my passenger seat belt receptacle that had broken on the 3 hr journey to take it for a spin. Props to him!

A few weeks ago I finally found what I'd been looking for: a 1995 5 speed in good mechanical condition with low miles. 90k, red, body in great shape, re-sprayed sometime and spend much of it's life in a garage it appeared.
I have FM's timing service kit on the way and am waiting to replace one of the pulleys that isn't sounding too great (replacing all gaskets, belt, and water pump while I'm there). The air bags have also been deployed (no frame damage, new bumber is all) and I'm hoping to swap in an NB2 steering wheel ... My wife says I can't drive it without air bags; safety first, I suppose.

With a little research, this is the plan: a budget street turbo setup (200-225 hp, 91 or 93 octane) realistically shooting for a budget of 3500
parts plan:
Megasquirt: probably from brianeack .. hopefully?
Wideband O2 sensor ... suggestion?
Turbo and exhaust: hopefully from shuiend? I really like the idea of a quiet exhaust - and his videos seem to really meet that description!l (also, AC is a must - I can't take the heat)
Some fort of blow-off valve .. Gotta have that iconic turbo sound!
rx8 injectors
ebay intercooler?
Coolant re-route?
Manual steering rack conversion? ... if I'm not out of money, that is

(Dream: Autokonexian fastback! Goodness they look good)

I'm specifcally looking for feedback about the MS setup to get things started.
Should his PNP (not sure if it's PNP or PNP 2) be sufficient for my needs? Or would the extra 150 for the MS3x be a worthwhile upgrade? The thread is huge and I can't find a concrete answer there or on the DIYautotune site. I know he's busy and don't want to be a burden on the man himelf

Well, hit me up if you want to hang out or have any suggestions for me!
PS, wow, that's a book of an entry! Props if you make it through it!
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MS3 of some sort or bust. Have you verified that the 95 you bought is OBD1 and not OBD2? The switchover was somewhere during 95.

Would you buy a PS3/Xbox360 nowadays with the PS4/Xboxone out?
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Thanks for the insight in the MS question. I want it to work and run as efficiently as possible.

And I didn't even think about it could be an OBD2 AND 95 car, although I do remember it now that you mention it. I have not checked. So far as I know it was an early 95 car; it qualified for an air-bag recall because of a sensor (fingers crossed I can get mazda to replace the air-bags for free since it wasn't done). I believe that that recall was on the early 95 models, and they fixed the sensor on the later production 95s. Even if it is, I shouldn't have to pass those emissions ... (NC says cars older than 95 are exempt) ... At least I better not! That would, however, change the MS to be sure it is a direct fit.
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This is what is under the right knee ... does this look like an OBD2II port, or something else. The pics I've found online show the OBDII port as more pins ... So that answers that question.
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