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Default Hi! Time to de-nube!

Hi everyone, my name is Adam, i'm a regular poster at miata.net. I've long been a miata fan, and purchased my first one in the winter of 04, a 1992 Sunburst miata. I purchased another in 2006, a 2003 Shinsen.

I love to autocross and I road-course whenever I can.

I'm joining the forum because I have a strong interest in turbocharging my 92, i'm hoping to do a DIY kit as economically as I can. I don't know how soon this will happen, but I figure its never too soon to begin learning.

As far as mechanical experience goes, i'm a quick learner and understand most of the basics, and I like to do everything myself. So far i've done a ton of little jobs, and the largest probably being replacing the entirety of the suspension on my 92 myself, and replacing a clutch in the same car.

On the boost side, i used to own a VR4 which was a twin-turbo 3.0l V6, the Mitsubishi's 6G72 (two 9b turbos) which i never had the money to mod, but i did get the motor to it's maximum safe "stock" level which means 14.5psi, and all the free mods like cat gutting. At 9100 feet air density altitude (~5400 feet above sea level + ~95-100 degrees) i ran a [email protected] with a 1.8 second 60'. It is quite a heavy car in comparison to the miata, and an entirely different class, and so it cannot really be compared ... lets see a bone stock miata set the cruise control at 145mph, 3100 rpm for 8 hours. Then again, let's see a stock VR4 try to autocross competitively!

anyway, I miss that car, I had to sell it thanks to financial difficulties and i'm wanting to get back into FI on a better handling-lightweight joy that is the Miata.

Hello to everyone!

Pics below!!
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Welcome, let me know if I can help.
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Originally Posted by BenR View Post
Welcome, let me know if I can help.
Hey Ben hows it going!

I'm STILL using those springs and swaybars you sold me.
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Erv, great first post. 2 things:
#1, put your locationin your profile so we know where you live.
#2, put a short note about your car in your signature, mod list, cars owned...etc. Look at other people sig's to know what's "standard".

It sounds like you've got some brains and perhaps a bit of disposable cash. If that's the case, then you're set, especially for a budget setup. There are a couple of questions you should answer for yourself before you begin down this road.

You should ride in several boosted Miatas, both turbo and supercharged to get a good idea of exactly what level of power brings what kind of performance. 150/200/250/300whp are all COMPLETELY different animals, necesitating a different approach to getting there, a different budget, different supporting mods, etc. So first, set yourself a power goal.

Second... you need to realistically set a budget. Setting a budget will allow US to guide you down the path to the most effective parts for your money. ACURATELY setting a budget early and developing a parts list is important. If halfway through your build, you decide you have more money to spend... you might have skimped on something earlier that your new budget would allow you a much better part. If you suddenly run out of money with an unfinished pile of parts in the garage, then the wife gets pissed, and you lose interest. The upside to that is that the forum gets to buy all your parts cheap.

For your education... USE THE SEARCH KEY LIBERALLY, get familiar with the ADVANCED SEARCH menu as well. Be sure to read through the FAQ in the DIY TURBO KITS forum, and have a look through the USEFUL SAVED POSTS forum.

Welcome, and PICS or GTFO!
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Thanks for the welcome samnavy!

i went ahead and added my local and my signature, tell me if it's OK.

Good info to know, much appreciated. I'm just barely learning all the cons and pros of various setups, but generally speaking i'd like to be at ~190-200rwhp, i'm assuming it would probably be the best value of power for money, without having to buy a large amount of support mods...
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im a noob too man..welcome in!!
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Welcome abort... I always liked the color scheme on the Shinsen...
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