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Default Loob the Noozer

Checkin' in from Cleveland, Tn.

I'm a life long structural steel welder/fabricator with some mig and tig under my belt as well.(i work at the local grocery bc i'm not giving away my craft for $11 an hour, seems to be the going rate around here) My wife and I just got this Miata about a month ago, and love it. Its her DD but she drives less than a mile to work. My DD is a 08 6.7 Cummins(my commute is shorter than hers!), which is my 3rd turbo diesel truck, all stock, btw. We're in our late 30's, so with the kids out of the house, time to play, right?

So it's a classic red "A" package, I think. 116k easy miles, had 114k when we got it 4 weeks ago.

-rep if you call the style bar GAY.

We want to close the gap above the tires, but retain the 14's until after we define and hit our boost target. We don't/won't autox or drag or track it, I just think it needs more power. I think we'll be happy with a hp/weight ratio a little better than a stock F-Z28 or Mustang GT with an intake and exhaust. Stealth is a must.

This project should take about 8 to 10 months, and we should be collecting parts in the next month.

We live in an apartment,(4plex) but i have a good friend who is in for some weekend wrenching in his garage. My tools are a little better than a basic mech. set, and I've been wrenching since I could drive. I hope to do the majority of the work, with an emphasis on quality streetable parts with function a priority over form.

I hope to have a Brain MS, and injectors in place before we go further.

96 MX5- ???#
me- 245#

hp/weight ratio?

Thanks, Rocky
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Originally Posted by Rocky64 View Post
me- 245#
Awesome intro thread, I think you're going to like it around here.

I think your first project should be a diet though oh and your style bar is
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Sweet, i have a freind that just retired, i think he is going to live near Signal Mt. I'm originally from Johnson City myself. I am glad to see all the Miatas in east TN once I leave. Good luck!

Edit: I can't vouch for good lowering springs, i had the tokico ones and my buddy has s techs and they both suck, although i hear FM makes decen ones. Miatas are easy enough to work on, I hate to refer you to miata.net but their garage section is the only thing on that site worth a damn, and helpful too.
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Flyin Miata lowering springs are the one to get, i'd combine them with some R-Package bilsteins... oh wait i did. Get some Fat Cat tophats and the ride is just awesome.
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