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Default Lurker from Columbus

Hello all, my name is Eli and I am from Columbus, OH.

This is probably going to be a fairly unique intro post, as I am not driving a Miata at all. I have a 1978 Triumph TR7 that is a project car. I will be removing everything British and installing almost all parts out of a 2004 MS Miata. Of course, it will not remain stock in the least.

My goal in joining the forums is to read and learn, which is difficult without signing up for a membership, so here I am. I probably won't post very often, as it is difficult to learn if you talk too much.

About the project:

I already own the TR7 and there is a bit of a backstory to it. My cousin owned British sports cars all through the 70's and had one in a field behind my aunt and uncles orchard. I inquired about the car and he gave it to me. I made plans for the project, including an IRS out of a Miata. I actually bought a 1993, but the parts were a bit outdated for what I wanted. I also changed my mind and decided to go with the entire drivetrain from the MX5.

While I was deciding what to do with the car my cousin lost his battle with cancer and is no longer with us. The car he gave me was too far gone to rebuild, and there was also a title issue with it. I found a rust free (, well, almost) version of the same car less than 25 miles away. I bought it to build in his memory.

I looked at some salvage Miatas for about a year and a half before finding a 2004 MS in New York. I bought it and both cars are at the shop awaiting transformation. In the meantime, I contacted one of the owners of a car I tried to buy during my search and offered him the parts he needed to fix his car. I also loaned him my body man.

On to the pics!

TR7, before any work:

Donor car:

I burned the boy racer Type "R" floormats

Friend's car before/during/after repair work:

The project has evolved over time, but the goal is now to build a <2000 lb car with >300whp. I am using all parts possible from the MX5, including the electrical/electronics, brakes, steering, drivetrain, interior, etc. You would be amazed at how close the specs are between both cars.

The only problem is it'll still be really ugly.
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Welcome, it would appear you went to Miami by the user name. When did you graduate? I'm an '07 grad (Mech. Eng.) from there.

Should be fun once you're done, even though I personally don't like the looks of the TR7 so much. But at least you'll have a reliable British car once you're done, which not many people can say. haha.
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Actually, the owner of the TR7 was a weird old guy and he names cars. This one was named Hawk.

You nailed it on the head with all the rest though. I'll have the only TR7 that starts every time.
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Welcome. I thought all TR7s were convertibles until now.

I had the British car bug as well. I still have a '68 Austin Healey Sprite that is currently minus an engine and transmission and would be a great candidate for a Miata drivetrain swap. Believe me, I've seriously considered it. The car only weighs 1,250 lbs. and would go like stink with 200hp (It originally had 52 gross flywheel HP). Money is my current shortcoming. I actually need to sell the Sprite and get on with my Miata build.

I look forward to seeing pics of your progress.
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