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Default New Guy in San Diego

Hello all. My name is Mike and I live in sunny SD. I bought my first Miata last October and have been enjoying it ever since. It is a White 94' with a few mods done by the previous owner. The guy I bought it from was very wealthy and had quite a car collection. He owned three Miatas (among Porches, other exotics, and some classic cars) and decided to get rid of the highest mileage Miata (126k), which worked out great for me. The car is pretty much mint and I got a smoking deal on it.

Pic from today out on Hwy 94.

I'll have to look into the specific suspension the PO put on it, but I know it is Tein. The other mods he did were RB sways and the 15" RPF1s. I have been spending my cash on getting the maintenance up to date, and a new set of Star Specs. The tires and subsequent alignment were totally worth every penny.

Dirty wheels, for shame...

I have been autocrossing the car since the day I bought it. I am definitely hooked. Unfortunately AutoX is really popular here in SD, so each event only yields around 4 runs. Regardless, it is a blast and I'll be at the practice and event this upcoming weekend.

The above shows how the engine bay looks currently. Completely stock. I am new to turbos, but am reading Engine Management - Advanced Tuning by Greg Banish, and Street Turbocharging by Mark Warner. Both are excellent and I am getting up to speed pretty quickly.

I am not sure what my goals will be for my eventual build, maybe 200 whp? The budget is currently up in the air as well. First things first though, I live in CA, thus I will have to negotiate all of the legal hurdles involved with turbo'ing in CA. I have read some threads hear and it looks like either putting in a stock motor every two years or hoping for a lenient smog tech are my best options. So far the only piece of hardware I have determined to use will be a MegaSquirt. It seems to be the most popular for Miatas, by far, and I can't wait to play around with it.

That is about it I suppose. See you all around.

-Mike Stuck
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That's a really clean car, how much did you get it for if you don't mind me asking?
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Great find, it is absolutely clean and the wheels compliment it perfectly with that hard top. Welcome, it definitely needs some boost to be an epic subltle monster. My advice is to keep things as simple as possible and dont forget to monitor knock. Tons of info here so read away, good luck !
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