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Default SoCal noob

Whip... 99 5spd. I bought it like 2 months ago. Kaaz 1.5 diff is being Just bought some racing hart cp 035s (10 lb forged 16s) mmmm. I’m building the car to drift!!! And just have fun, I will do some grip events as well.
I actually work in the industry... I’m a performance parts engineer. (it sounds weird to say that, very entry level…) In so many words...I’m still a noob. This is the first car I will be building for track purpose. I bought this Miata to get more hands on experience and just have fun... go sidewayz...and it’s not bad to have a convertible in SoCal. I need to drop the car or get a roll bar ASAP! I’ve been getting looks... if you know what I mean (not that there’s anything wrong with that). I’m from the Dirty Jerz (jersey) originally, I went to school in AZ ,interned with a bad *** company that got me this gig in Cali. I really don’t have much experience, but a good base and am absorbing like a sponge. I love it out here. Can’t wait to hit up Horse Thief mile!!! Anybody in the SoCal area check out tuna canyon rd... un f'n believable! Miata heaven.
To be completely honest, I googled “miata turbo’ when I was first looking to buy a toy…here we are. It seems like a good place to learn and a good group of peeps. I’m looking forward to picking some brains and buying some used parts!

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Originally Posted by spapida View Post
In so many words...I’m still a noob.
truer words were never spoken.

if you make it through the hazing, welcome to the site.

there's not a lot of drifter love here because of the negative stereotype of illiteracy and idiocy it brings. but if you're smart (an engineer you say?) and not lazy, you'll do ok.

if you haven't already checked it out, Club Roadster probably has way more people that drift on Racing Hart wheels.

we just build awesome turbo cars.
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Based on your response I think I came across a bit strong. The Jerz (jersey mentality) runs deep in my veins… Ebonics is not my first language. I was just going for a laugh, should have read more noob posts. Honestly I’m kind of new to the forum world in general.

Let me kinda start this over…

I bought a relatively clean car for the right price with the goal to make a street legal, mostly track car. I went for the five speed because the car was the right price and I couldn’t justify the 6 for the cost and wait.

I do “say” I’m an engineer. I have a BS in Manufacturing Engineering/mechanical concentration. I also have a bit of suspension design background. I designed and built an unequal length, double a-arm suspension ( same as miata) for an SAE Baja car. Like I mentioned I also work for a pretty established automotive performance parts company, lots of exposure… so I’m learning really quick. I have access to all types of cool toys. R&D heaven… I hopefully can prove my worth in some areas…earn my PMs in
"Yes", definitely still a noob...This will be my first NA to turbo car but I literally have spent the last year eating and breathing sport compact. I think I know what I want and I’ll get there eventually. I will definitely need and hopefully get some help here.

I finally have some money to wrench and build a cool car. And yes…for drifting. I know it’s few and far between but I humbly say, I think I can break the typical mold of the perceived “drifter”. So hopefully ya’ll will get past that

Maybe my plans will help redeem me.... It’s a modest build but I think it shows intellect… Low boost with the first maps. I want to be able to learn something before I grenade it… I want to start with a Begi manifold, 2560, Begi downpipe, around 450 injectors-junk yard something (I think I can flow test them at work) and a stand alone, not sure who yet. Stainless lines. Probably Custom IC piping and end tanks. Somewhere along the way I learned to fabricate. I’m sure there will be lots of other fun stuff to buy… but that’s the basic idea.
If I grenade the motor, get the itch for power, or just feel like it. I will build a motor, port and build a head and turn up the boost, and scare little children. But for now I don’t want crazy power or lots of lag.

Bring on the haze!

Seriously though if you have any questions for me just shoot
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