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Default I am really enjoying my Megasquirted (mostly stock) Miata.

Now that the snow is gone I have been driving the Miata every day for a few weeks now. I got the MS stuff set up and street tuned last month. Relative to how the car was when I bought it last year, it is much, much smoother with the Megasquirt, it has noticeably more power especially down low, and fuel economy is the same. It also starts in sub-freezing temperatures just fine.
I expected that there would be tradeoffs with driveability, but aside from a higher idle (still can't get closed loop PID to work) there are no tradeoffs.

The car was never particularly smooth, but I wasn't sure if it was the engine itself or what. But given that it is much smoother now I guess the old AFM was giving the ECU marginal inputs at some loads.
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I am definitely in THIS club.

Had a lot of fun pulling off my stock intake tract & AFM yesterday.

Still working out tuning issues.

About to swap injectors, then turbo, then fun.
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I feel the same way about the low end power when I was N/A. It was pulling much much harder down low. My map was scaled for boost so I think thats why it severely ran out of breath up top, but now with the turbo there is no running out of breath anymore

I think a lot of us are in the same boat with the idle. Some seem to have figured it out, i really with I knew what I was doing wrong.
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Add me to the N/A fan club as well.

I was able to bring my idle down to about 1,100 by pulling some timing, but still can't get it to be solid below 1,000. Honestly, it doesn't bother me. The rest of the driving experience is so great it makes the idle moot.

I hit the track with it in 2 weekends. Can't wait!
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I can get mine to idle at 800, but it's rough and dips to the verge of stalling when the headlights or high speed heater fan are on. Instead I have it at 1000 unloaded, dropping to 900-ish with the lights on. Not perfect but not bad. The difference between 1000 and 800 is only 1% duty cycle so it's either a bit too high or a bit too low. I can move it somewhat by changing fuel and/or timing but I haven't played with that too much.

I think eventually I will build the current mode PWM driver but it's not a priority.

On an unrelated note I now have the canister purge system working with the MS. Without it the car was stinking up my garage when a few days of fumes built up in the can.
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