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The module is configurable. That means you configure what the digital output will be on either warmup or error. I have 14.7 for warmup and 7.5 on error, with minimum reported value set to 10 (this means that if the wideband reports lower than 10, the module will report 10). My errror trigger value is set to 8, so it will actually only trigger on an error.
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Originally Posted by JasonC SBB View Post
Does LTT adjust the entire fuel table, or a single number?
So I am reviving this as I plan to play with it some. I have a set of questions on the MSEXTRA forum, but I get answers there on about half of my inquiries.

It appears to me that LTT is going to work similar to VEAL with manual or automatic writes. It also appears that it is writing on a bin by bin basis (256 different corrections).

To me, this is not as useful as a single number, created by some weighted averaging. That's because my use for LTT is to adjust for Summer vs Winter fuels.

I don't want only cells that have been recently touched to get updated. If the Soichiometric AFR has changed in the fuel, I want the entire fueling to adjust, not some of the cells.

Still, I have set up EGO to not come into play until 175F, as I do not want corrections during warmup to be recorded in the LTT table. I'm not wanting adjustment for bad WUE. That should be a separate issue.

I have also set EGO authority to "0" all across row for 27kPa, and then normal from 28kPa up. That way LTT will not try to adjust over-run cells. It will, however, try to update idle cells. This may not be needed as time there is brief before Fuel Cut occurs, but that is how I set it up. May change it later to see if that is an important set-up parameter.

I will post up some LTT tables:
Start will be all zeros.
Then see what happens after some drive time, with no write to Flash.
Turn off car and re-start and see if table 1 goes back to zero or not.

Settings (other than mentioned above on EGO parameters):

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So, after driving home, this is Table 1:

I suppose it turned RED because one cell changed (by -0.2%). As you can see, this is with the car still running. After I turned it off, then KOEO, the same table pulled up. Tomorrow, I am taking a different car to work, so I won't get a further update.

Unfortunately, my tune is such that only the one cell changed. I'm thinking I will change the Stoichiometric AFR from 14.7 to 14.4 so everything will be about 3% rich. Then we can see what happens with a poor tune or a changing system.
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