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Default MS2 No Rpm


I have built a DIY MS2 V3.0 from the instructions on MiataTurbo Wiki as per the below. My car is a Jap Import 1995 1.8

Megasquirt 2 Assembly - Miata Turbo FAQ

I also attached the pics from the guide for ease of reference.

Below are the photos of my build

I decided that the best idea is to use a boomslang. I had made one according to the instructions on here Megasquirt 2 Harness Assembly - Miata Turbo FAQ) but the TPS was acting erratical (when setting I was getting a value of 1057 if I recall correctly) and was getting no RPM.

I started a new one, [currently work in progress - I have 12v, grounds TPS and CAS, as those are the ones I am having problems with] with removable connections (we call them sliders here) so that it is easier to change pins. This will obviously be temporary and as soon as I have the car running I will make another proper one soldered on both ends.

In the below picture I marked the mazda plug with the corresponding pin numbers I am using from the DB37.

To determine the pins of the CAS (as I read somewhere that different people use different methods to get an MS running on a Miata, I found the jumpers I was using (IAC1A and IAC1B) and performed continuity tests to the DB37 plug. It resulted that they are pins 25 and 27. I then did continuity tests from the CAS plug to the harness in the foot well and the correct pins are as per the above (W/L & W). I connected pins 25 and 27 to pins W/L & W but when cranking I still got no rpm.

The cranking was done without the IAT and CLT connected. Also the coils were disconnected, to reduce the risk of frying them.
I tried working the Composite logger but I could not get any results for the crank sensor. I tried blowing into the map sensor and I noted movements.
I am attaching a data log and msq.
I believe I may be doing something wrong but my knowledge is quite limited on the subject. I am sure that someone on here will be able to sniff my problem from a mile away and so I would like to thank you for reading my post and thank you in advance for any help you will provide.
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Bump, Anyone help please?

I have since noted that the CMP signal is not going to the CPU while the CKP signal is, I believe I am missing a jumper, can anyone point me out to the right direction?

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