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Default MS2E, Added Turbo, Idle very erratic

I had my car running really well with my MS2E on an NA motor, the tune was great. I added a turbo, and now the idle is awful. It bogs and jumps and sputters and then dies completely.

The really weird thing is that sometimes it'll idle really, really well for a good 10-15s and then it'll go back to being a stupid-head.

It was also pig rich at idle, but I attributed that to my BOV leaking at idle, so I unplugged the vac source from the BOV and leaned out the VE cells at idle like 2 points or so.

I know adding a turbo complicates things, but I was under the impression that my idle really shouldn't change all THAT much. And I have no idea what would be causing it to be so erratic.

I'm going to troubleshoot a bit today. Make sure my map signal line is good (it got unhooked and re-hooked up in the process), maybe try throwing the old intake back on right at the intake manifold and see if that changes anything, etc..

Here's my current tune and a log of it being erratic. I see my MAP is bouncy, but I'm not sure if that's a CAUSE or an EFFECT of the RPM being bouncy.. :(
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Well, I also relocated my ECU to my glovebox (kept kicking it under the dash, which is no bueno probably lol) and I just un-re-located it and it works great.

Not sure if the problem was the longer MAP vacuum line, or if it was the DB37 extension cables I used, but either way, when I moved it back the issue resolved itsself.

I'll probably test just to see which was causing the problem--but I think at the end of the day I'm just going to keep the ECU under the dash and try to mount it a bit higher up or something so it doesn't give me issues.

I was fine in my prototipos, but the lady friend and I took it on a date and my dress shoes were too long. :(
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