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Default MS3 Rev - No spark - Help!

Okies.. Pretty sure i killed my coils.

2000 NB 1.8 completely stock in terms of engine stuff except MS3.
Had a few short attempts around work. Its been 40+ celsius every day here so its been very tough after work.

Bit of history. Car runs fine before MS3 install.

She doesnt like starting when hot. I can normally crank her a few times until the rpm blips and then boot her with a bit of fuel. On the rare occasion (3-4 times) this doesn't work i pour water on the cam sensor at front of the engine and she starts up fine.

Day 1:
Installed MS3, car started first go. Wouldn't idle.
Adjusted screw and got her idling enough to set timing.
No timing light.

Day 2:
Connected timing light.
Through idiocy fueled by exhaustion and beer i set the timing at 0 degrees (see below) and car ran like ****.
Ran it slowly down the dirt driveway starting up autotune and then it struggled up a small hill. Had no power and returned to garage.

Day 3:
Checked piston TDC with dip stick and noticed wrong mark was painted / was using the wrong mark to set timing. Car was idling wierd.
I assumed this was due to it not being warmed up.
After a bit of idling to warm up and trying to set proper timing she died. Hard and fast.
Cranked her a lot.
Wouldn't start.
Checked spark and was dry.
Assumed i ran out of fuel. (It was quite low, and i had been idling a lot the day before.)

Day 4:
Filled her with 20L 98 fuel. No start. Pulled spark 1/2 - Both wet.
All fuses look good. Fuel pump priming. Tried starting with spark grounded. No spark.
Had the timing light on while cranking, no flash = no spark = no current?
Put MS3 into ing/spk test mode.
- Pump works when triggered.
- Coil test showed no spark / sound / anything. What should i be looking for?
- injector test clicked happily.

When i crank:
Rpms blip a bit on the 3rd 4th crank.
ECU is showing 6 degrees on the laptop - so its getting a signal from somewhere. (Nomally it cranks at 6 then pops to 10 once it fires?)
Does this rule out the cam and crank sensors?

Still have not matched timing with ms3.
Everything else on Rev's ms3 seems to be running perfectly and talking to the laptop all nice and chit chatty. I don't believe it has anything to do with his ms3.

Now im typing this.
If she died during idle due to fuel. Could excessive cranking kill the coils? Or is it more likely the coils died during idle?

Before i shelf the project for the next week while i move to coil on plugs...
How can i confirm in the coils?
Is there anything else i should try?
What else could it be? And how do i test it?

Definately had a crash course in MS3 / Tuner studio the last few days.


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Grab a datalog - In TunerStudio, click Datalogging -> Start, then try to start, and after a few seconds worth of cranking click Datalogging -> Stop, and attach the log here or email it to me.
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Cheers Dimitrix,

Will get back to you same time tomorrow.
Bit too late here.

Thanks again.

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