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Default What the hell is going on? 93 vs 97 differences?

The miata i currently have is accually my second, the first just minding its own bisness and a drink driver deciding to park on top of it one night.

It was a 93 1.6 that i had a greddy turbo w/intercooler, set of 460cc rx7 fuel injectors, lc1, MSPNP, ect..

Week after this incident i had a 97, and had returned my MSPNP to exchange it for a new PNP for the 97 1.8 engine.

I know the 97 PNP has the mapdaddy 400 kPa sensor on it, bar correction, and high res code on it.

I transfered what i could from the old car to the new, fuel injectors, LC1, and intercooler.

When i had wired in the control box for the lc1 on the last car i had basicly had the control box sitting to the left of the passengers leg, and the end of the sensor was routed out the trasmission tunnel so everything electrical was in the car. it all ran to the pasenger floorboard and spliced into all the wiring under there, the ground using the same ground wire the ECU had, power, ect all with those wire taps

Nnow i have it pulling power from the blue connector under the hood, and is grounded under the throttle body all soldered into place. I thought this is the correct way to do this? I thought the way i did it before was the cheap way out. So I'm wondering why my afr is jumping around so much more then before?

Other then the stuff to handle fuel better, what was changed in the highres code? I had the last car spot on and running with no problems, this one seems to add to my VE table till my AF ratios sits at 11:1 aand i cannot use megatune to autotune my VE table

it seems the tune requires changes day to day.

Would it be benifical to revert to the old firm ware and see if that makes a difference?

many setting that i could change 1-2 points and see a big difference do absolutly nothing now, such as warmup settings, i can change them from 0 to 200 and not see anything change

anyone have any other suggestions?
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It sounds as if you have the software configured to auto-tune for a narrow band - this will pull the fueling in the wrong direction.
On the issue of jumpy AFR, could you please post a data log of it and your MSQ?
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I'm looking at the stuff right now, and every thing i can see says its set up for the default LC-1

I'll have to put one up when i get home tonight, cant transfer anything with this govt computer -.-
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Do you have a wideband gauge in the car? If so, does it agree with the air/fuel gauge on your megatune/tunerstudio dashboard?

You could have a set up error (per Matt's idea) or you might not be getting any voltage from the LC1 (wiring problem, output configuration error or defective unit).
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