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Default Adding water after dyno tuning

What kind of nozzle size and pump pressure would be ideal for someone wanting to add just a little bit of protection after having already been tuned without WI. I am going to be running some events in the USA and the gas is quite different and I want to add a bit of safety to my set up. Rotrex'd soon to be 280whp ish hopefully (tuning is tomorrow, but I never started looking into WI until today :O)

Back when I was int he RX7 scene a lot of guys added WI to stock FD's to help keep IAC temps down and add some protection. All on the stock ECU without tuning for it. So I imagine the same can be done here.
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As small as you can. Pump pressure is fairly standardized at 150psi, and typically the smallest nozzle available is 3gph. Go with that, or a 2gph if you can find it.
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Most new kits will have a 150-250 psi adjustable bypass pump. You can find nozzles down to .5 gallons per hour. I don't know where to tell you to start. The company you buy the kit from should though.
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I pulled the WI fuse when I dynoed. DO basic kit, 3 gph nozzle.

I was/am basically using it for the same reason you are. My timing isn't tuned for it, so it's just extra safety. Engine's lasted a few years now at 14 psi (knock on wood).
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is where i picked up some nozzles.
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The external mount Devil's Own nozzles linked to above are nice. That is what I use.
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i've had do in the past.
nice kits.
good prices.
i'd go with one of their smaller nozzles.
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