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Default AIT attachment on 99 Miata help

Hey guys. I pulled out the AIT sensor and really dont see how this thing connects with the provided MS one. I bought the pnp from brain.

I see a rubber grommet, the old plastic sensor, and that the sensor disconnects from the harness, but how do I use my new IAT sensor provided by brain in this setup? I looked in the manual and read around to no avail. There arent any real descriptions bout what to do located on the MS manual or DIYautotune website for this problem. So..

1. Where does this steel peice with a steel plug go?
2. How does this sensor attach to the car? Do I just shove it into the old rubber grommett even though its threaded?

Thanks for your help

EDIT: More details that I forgot

99 NB, Stock, no turbo
Running a megasquirt 2 from brain

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I'm assuming the steel piece you're talking about is the sensor bung. This is typically welded onto your intake piping so you can thread the sensor in. Seeing as you're stock, you'll need to make a suitable hole in the plastic crossover tube and JB weld the sensor in place for the time being.

For the connector, you have to put together the side the sensor plugs in to. You should have some pins (typically they are together in a strip and you tear them off) that will fit into the backside of the connector. Attach wires via solder to one side of the pin, jam the other into the backside of the connector.

Alternately, you can leave the MAF in place and use it's temp sensor. Read the DIY Autotune guide for more on that.

Hope that helps.
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99 has a separate temp sensor and MAF.

you gotta cut the stock temp off, and wire those 2 wires into the AIT from DIY...polarity doesn't matter.


you can just use the stock AIT...just make sure you calibrate for it correctly. The correct values are either on DIY's site or in Brain's pdf file. Stock AIT kinda sucks (heatsoaks), but it works 'good enough' for NA. Makes it a lot more simple when the rest of the car/intake is still stock.

Just make sure when you go turbo you start using the new sensor from DIY
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