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Default Few issues with my Gauges

Hello, I finally have my 91 with stock greddy kit with FMIC installed and running. Im confused on how to read the boost gauge, like right now im having 10 at idle. Is this normal?
Another issue I have is my wideband readings. I have installed an AEM Wideband, at the start beginning of idle im getting 14.8 - 15. After few seconds later it just jumps up to 17.8-18 sometimes i get -- -- dashes on the gauge. I hear no knocking and the oil pressure guage doesn't bounce either. From reading few threads it said using the needle from the oil pressure gauge can give signs of knock.
Stuff that i have added to the car is BIPES, Vortech FMU, and O2 clamp. I haven't driven it yet, just left it idle and raising the rpm few times times.
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Sounds like you have a vacuum leak. More air means higher AFR's and lower inHg reading on the gauge. Start checking all your lines and intercooler tubes for an air leak.
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Originally Posted by 94miata View Post
Whoever told you that an oil pressure gauge can give you hints of knock was smoking the good stuff.
Actually the way that the oil pressure sensor on the early miatas is, they tend to shake when you are pinging. While it is not overly precise, but it is a decent indicator. You can search for some more in def info on it.
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I don't think you'd be pinging at idle, you really would have to put some load on the car. Now as far as your boost gauge, it measures vacuum and boost, so that 10 reading is not boost. The car would actually have to be moving and proper load put on for the turbo to spool. You might want to make sure your FMU is hooked up properly. Also, it can a minute or so for your wideband to heat up and give proper measurements.
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I assume you mean 10hg and not psi. A vacuum leak would cause this as stephanie said.
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Your running super lean, sounds like either a vaccume leak or not enough fuel.
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