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Originally Posted by Spectre722 View Post
Thank you for posting this, I have been looking for "prefab" options since I have nowhere near the technical aptitude to do the turbo myself. I assume however, that since the projected horsepower is the same with this turbo for both the 1.6L and 1.8L engine that a 1.6L may not make 140 rwhp with this turbo.
140 is what i have seen for the 1.6l models...

Just check google...

There are several youtube videos of the base 's' on 1.6l...

I'd be interested on what the base kit would do for a late 1.8l.

Mine should ship soon.
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Originally Posted by Spectre722 View Post
I assume however, that since the projected horsepower is the same with this turbo for both the 1.6L and 1.8L engine that a 1.6L may not make 140 rwhp with this turbo.
Quoted HP numbers are somewhat fungible, with there being quite a lot of variance from one dyno to the next, and from one car to the next.

In general, an otherwise stock 1.6 and an otherwise stock '94-'97 1.8 will probably put out fairly similar numbers on a non-intercooled Shanghai S kit. Neither engine has a knock sensor, so you need to be conservative with the timing. The later engines have a slightly lower static compression ratio and slightly larger fuel injectors, so all else being equal, they will tend to be able to support slightly higher pressure ratios before becoming knock-limited for a given spark advance, but this is definitely a gray area in terms of safety margin in the absence of competent engine management. If you're going to tune on the side of safety, I would expect the difference in power for these engines post-turbo to be roughly comparable in magnitude to that of their naturally-aspirated selves; around 10%, give or take.

That said, the ultimate power limit for any stock Miata engine (90-'05) is about the same, being a function of the OEM connecting rods tending to fail at around 250 WHP for all years. It takes a bit more boost to get the 1.6 engines to that point, but if fuel and ignition management and intercooling are brought up to task, they can get there.

If you are starting from scratch, then a 1.8 car is always a better platform to build from (it already has the 7" ring gear, for instance), and if you are electronically inclined, the '99 and later cars are the best of the lot.

That said, if you already own a 1.6 car in good condition with a strong engine, and have some degree of investment already in it, there's no reason why it can't be turbocharged. Worst-case, you'll have to buy a new exhaust manifold should you ever decide to upgrade.

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Thank you for the insight guys. My car won't be seeing boost for a while. I just got a oil burning issue fixed along with a slave cylinder, new plugs, new wires and two new coil packs. I do already have a significant amount of money invested in the engine and it runs strong. Of course, if the engine craps out then a 1.8L is certainly not out of the question! If I did this turbo setup I'd probably get an intercooler anyway. Nevertheless, I don't think that will be happening for a while. I want to make sure that the engine holds up and learn how to drive my car in autocross well before up I up the power.

Thanks again. I'll keep reading. I haven't had to post very many questions due to the wealth of information on this site which can be easily obtained by using the search function.
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Originally Posted by NW Bill View Post
Try doing these for a start:

1 - read the sticky "EBay Turbo Kit" at the top of this forum -- that should answer your question about the $2k kit.
2 - go to the Flyin' Miata website and read through the descriptions of all the turbo system kits that will fit your Miata (they are divided up by years), and go through all the options for each kit. Reread them until you have a pretty good sense of what parts are needed and what parts are often upgraded (these are the options), and why someone might want to upgrade them
3 - go to the BEGi (Bell Engineering) website and repeat the process; I like to also check Good-Win racing's website, since it is often clearer in listing the major parts of the BEGi kits
4 - return to the Flyin' Miata website and read the instruction manual on installing their turbo kits. Reread it until you have a pretty good sense of what is installed, why they are installed, and how they are installed (even if you plan to have someone else actually install your parts). Pay attention to all of the "little" parts needed that are included in the kits but not listed in the kit descriptions.
5 - come back to MiataTurbo and read at least several of the accounts of folks installing their (often custom) turbo systems; the more accounts you read the better. Try to understand all the discussions and debates you will see in the accounts (you don't need to decide who is right, only understand why there is a debate at all)
6 - Determine whether in your state you need to be OBDII/OBD2 compliant (assuming your Miata has OBDII) and how that affects what kits and options will work for you.
7 - if after doing the above you still wonder what some of the parts are or why they are needed, use the SEARCh function to read the forum discussions about those parts.
8 - Even though you are looking for a kit, also read the discussions in the DIY section, since those guys are really just assembling their own kits.

After all that you won't be anywhere near an expert, but you will at least have a good idea what questions to ask and how to understand the answers.

If the -- hmm -- sharpness of the responses you get on MiataTurbo bothers you, you can ask questions on some of the other Miata websites, such as the "Performance & Tuning" section of (aka The folks there (actually, many of the same folks here, but in a less edgy mode) will be more polite, but you will also be told that the critical mass of real experts is here, which is true.

Once you have done all that, you will be where I am now -- still a turbo noob, but less like a deer in the headlights of a pickup full of hungry hunters.

Good luck!

Haha this is a great response, exactly where I am at at the moment.
This should a sticky 'How to use' lol. Will clear some riff raff..
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