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I was just trying to be helpful. You do what you gotta do.
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Am I the only one to be told by a dealer/builder that OS Giken has had problems with their diff oil in the us? Something about their supplier being unable to get the mixture right?

I have never read the NC MX-5 GRM article about the Giken diff, but wouldn't be that surprised to hear that the car went slower than it did with the torsen. A good friend put one in his NC track car and it destroyed the handling. Car became nervous, loose on entry, tight on exit. I drove it and it was a disaster. He swapped the Torsen back in and the car immediately went back to awesome. I know saying anything unfavorable about the OSG diff on these forums is blasphemy, and will immediately call my driving skills and sanity into question (not that they weren't already), but I had the same experience with the Giken in my NA. Since I'm going to move to a different final drive, I'm pulling the Giken off the shelf and giving it 2nd shot. There are too many positive reviews to make me think that the diffs are not great, but I wonder how many successful drivers are running them right out of the box and how many are spec'ing them to taste. The specialist that is doing the work for me is going to change out the stock Giken springs for a stiffer set, which he says he does for just about every Giken diff he sets up 'because the off-the-shelf Giken 'tune' seem to be better tuned for drifting than road racing'.

...so, if you are worried about $50 for a quart of oil, know that there could be more to the cost than just the diff and the oil.

Back on topic: I've tried 3 different types of diff oil in the Giken:
1. Redline (whatever Emilio was suggesting at the time)
2. Motul 90PA
3. Giken's

Of the 3, the Motul was the quietest around the paddock.
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Originally Posted by Mobius View Post
I will paypal beer money to anyone who can find the text of the article in which they detail putting the giken into their 2010 MX5.
Beer me.

Volume 29 February 2012

Full page pictures were taken, then zoomed in on the text or tables.
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flawless victory

Damn vindication feels good.

Curly, the tab is on me at the establishment of your choice.

Party kitties !

So that's my complaint with GRM lately. They spent this money on the diff, and go on to rave about how they do at the next autocross on the web blog, but obviously the diff isn't tuned right for them out of the box.

We'll see if they do a second comparison after they get it tuned right (if they do).
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