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Default Opinions on Data Logging Dash Units

Hi guys,

I'm after some real world feedback and opinions on currently available data logging units and race dashes.

My race car currently runs an older Haltech PS1000 ECU which is working fine. I'm data logging using a Traqmate GPS unit, using the older predictive lap timing display, and with a Traqdata 2 add on unit which is wired to read various inputs such as TPS and AFR/lambda, and running a möbius camera. I'm using Dashware to overlay the data onto video. Example:

I'm using various analogue gauges, stock tach, and an Ecliptech shift light unit.

This works fine, but it's a limited solution. Synching is a pain (largely a Dashware problem I think). Data inputs are limited with Traqdata and require manual splicing into the loom to pick up signals, though the GPS and predictive timing functions are great. Having to plug the PC in to the unit (rather than just remove a data card) to get the data is annoying too. Still, it was fairly inexpensive (comparatively), and has done the job for the most part.

I'd now like to upgrade, ideally to an integrated dash/data solution. It wouldn't necessarily need to be an all-in-one, but in the end I'd like the following features:

* Race dash that displays key engine data, GPS speed, predictive lap timing, and shift lights (as a minimum) - ideally this would come from the ECU via CANbus.
* GPS based logging (5hz minimum,10+Hz preferred) for speed, track mapping, lap times, primary ECU data (including rpm, AFRs, TPS, coolant temp, etc), and perhaps a couple of other inputs (maybe brake pressure, oil pressure, etc) - again, with ECU data via CANbus.
* Camera control from the unit - I can't reach my camera to turn on/off when harnessed in. I could switch it and set up to start recording when powered on, but I'd rather have functionality like the Traqmate (ie. start video recording with data). 2+ cameras (for chase cam functionality) would also be nice but is not mandatory.

I don't necessarily need real time overlay of data - I'm happy to do that later, provided the software is user friendly.

So, with this in mind, what's the best solution? As I see it, there are a few options. For full dashes:

AiM - either an MXL2 or MXS. I have heard various reports about them, good and bad. Also at the top of the price tree for a logging dash - around $2500-$2800AUD (more for the larger MXG).

IQ3 Dash Logger (Racepak/Haltech) - Haltech sell a version of the Racepak that is PNP for the PS1000. It is slightly more expensive than a normal Racepak, at around $2300AUD (with logging functionality).

Race Technology - Dash2 Pro with GPS logging enabled, CAN input enabled, and GoPro control enabled. Even with the nickel and diming of Race Tech, it is the cheapest full-dash solution at around $1800AUD.

Otherwise, there are the cheaper non-logging dashes (eg. MXL/MXS Strada, IQ3 non logger, and the standard Dash2) that can be combined with a dedicated data/video logger such as the AiM Evo4, Race Technology Video 4 or DL1, etc.

So... Thoughts? What's the best value solution for my needs? What's everyone else using, and how's it holding up?
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We have an AIM system in our race car, pulls everything over CAN from the ecu. I mean everything, wheel speeds, brake pressures, all engine parameters, fuel level etc etc. Software is fairly easy to use but they only have their own proprietary smartycam if you want to use cameras. We use gopro cams with some ridunkulous sd card and hardwired them in for power. Still start manually at every session and sync to data afterwards. I've always liked the racepak iq3 logger setup. If it's PNP for your ecu and allows extra inputs that would be my best bet.
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