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Default rotrex restrictor/wastegate

Are any people with the rotrex buying the bigger head units and running a restrictor plate or wastegate (to bleed off the intake) to limit peak power? Do IATs noticeably increase when spinning it faster vs giving up area under the curve and running a bigger pulley without a restrictor?
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I did use a WG for bleeding off boost on a c38-61, built NB. The problem was that the Rotrex never gave enough omphh making any boost control necessary even when overspinning it 10%. If you ever consider a Rotrex build on a built engine go C38-81 or even 91 with a WG before IC. The real challenge with a rotrex build is making the mounting bracket stiff enough + a 8-rib setup.
If I was about to do that again on a BP I would place it down low where the AC pump is located. Good luck.
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I read on the Rotrex A/S site (been a year or so back) that restricting the compressor does limit maximum boost, and by using a smaller pulley to speed up the compressor, would create boost earlier on a restricted compressor, ie. fatten the midrange. I'll see if I can find the info and link it. I was reading all I could find on the Rotrex when trying to decide which way I wanted to go. I ended up with the C30-74 unrestricted @9psi. Not in the realm of the great turbo monsters, but I can dust quite a few surprised Mustangs and Camaros, and run with many of the big dogs now.
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I expect IAT's to increase from restricting the intake no so much EGT's. Bleeding off boost via wastgate will affect IAT's. Depending on your perspective it will go up or down. It's best to plot it out on a compressor map to understand the effect.

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