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Default Just ordered 6uls

Just ordered a set of Nickel 15X8 6uls really happy, had to sell the hardtop to do it, but since i was dumb and it didn't fit my rollbar thought the next best thing would be rims.

Couple things, one if anyone is looking for 15X8 Nickel 6uls good-win racing might have one or two sets left, at the time i ordered they had 12 wheels left so after me there might be 8 left.

The other thing is i will be studying the tire options for the next couple days, if you want to feel free to chime in on which you prefer, probably going with 215 or 225's depending on how comfortable i fell that they wont rub, i don't have inner liners, but i also don't really want to roll my fenders, and my car is lowered on tien flexs.

On the tire choice looking for something to go on the street with mainly but at the same time i don't put a ton of miles on the car so it can probably be pretty aggressive not really sure what i want in a tire tbh, when get around to installing and tuning my MSPNP probably going to be around 200whp so ideally looking for a tire i can get good street grip out of that will last 15-25k miles. Which would equate to 3-5years which is about all the time a tire is good for anyways. And of course price is an issue not looking to go cheap but 400-500 for a set is probably right around my max.

Anyways though i would let my secret out about where there might be a set of nickel 6ul's still for sale and i will be scouring the boards for information on different tires that i might use.

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When Emilio of 949 Racing fame started selling these wheels, the big thing was that the 15x8s didn't require any fender rolling with some lowering, but I guess you'll find out soon enough. I still have stock suspension so I can't share any info on that.

I bought a set of 6ULs from the first batch way back in 2007 when the Hankook RS-2s were included mounted, balanced for $1000. The RS-2s have lasted me ~20K of street driving, albeit this was pre turbo. Two seasons of autox as well. There is still enough tread left that I could get another couple thousand miles out of them, but I save them for autox duty now since I do a lot of highway driving. They will have plenty of grip to hold 200whp. 225/45/15 size.
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I ordered a set of 225/45/15 Hankook RS3's for mine. Tire Rack is out of stock, but Performance Tires Online|Treadzone.com Tire Specialists still has them for the same price of $124 each. Shipping was higher, though. $75 vs $45 for Tire Rack. They are a 140 compound, so 15K miles will be about it, depending on how you drive.

Otherwise, Brian will sell, mount and balance R1R's or T1R's or R888's for you. It's a good deal if you are getting your wheels from him. As I wanted bronze, I had to get them from Emilio. For whatever reason, Brian only stocks Nickel, and either Silver or Black. No bronze. FOr sure if I could have gotten them from him, he would have done the whole thing. As it is now, I have to pay $50 to ship the wheels, $75 to ship the tires and still have to have them mounted.

Talk to Brian and go with whatever he suggests. You will save money in the long run and his tire prices are good, especially when you consider the total rolled cost.
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